Request : HSM notify door/window contact in open state when arming

Would like to request to have notification when arming my house and one or some of my door/window contact sensors in open state.
I could use the custom rule but it’s not ideal.

Do you mean to activate the alerts for those sensors as if they were opened during the armed state? Will take a look at it, makes sense. Also, what about auto-arming situations, same thing?

Not the same alerts as the HSM intrusion alerts setting but more of a warning to let me know that I left the window/door opened.
Same for auto-arming.

But if you don’t specify something, how is the app supposed to know what to do? The most obvious thing to do is fire off the alert set for an intrusion, it’s the only thing that’s set up. How would you get a “warning”? This feature should work with auto-arming as well as manual arming. Arming can happen from Rule Machine also. So it’s not at all obvious.

I think he is talking about running something like this as a validation to HSM arming.

If any of Window 1, window 2, window 3, door 1 are open
Save matching devices to varOpenContacts
With Sonos1, Sonos2
Speak “Warning, The {varOpenContacts} has been left open. Please close then try arming again.”

I definitely like the idea!

Easy to do in Rule Machine (or WebCore), but not really possible in HSM itself. The OP is looking for a new feature in HSM itself.

I guess it's a version of this feature from SHM that is requested? Notifications that X is open when the system changes to armed.

OK, but Notifications to where? Was that a Push Notification in ST?


As SHM is configured by default, no push is sent at arm/disarm. But, if the system is armed with a monitored contact sensor open, you get the push notification above.

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Once we release our mobile app this will become a possibility. This is coming in the near future.

Sounds great!

To be clear, this specific function isn’t something I really miss myself (comparing SHM to HSM). I just wanted to help clarifying the request. :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I am looking for. Just a push notification for the open contact. Ignore the contact and arm the HSM.
Not sure when the near future is for the mobile app but we could have it right now for Pushover and the limited SMS?

This doesn’t make sense, would entail adding things to the UI. Being able to do notification to mobile app is soon enough, and won’t require that.

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OK fair enough. Thanks for looking at this request.

I went to RM for this one and two virtual switches. I created a virtual switch "Is Arm House" which is turned on when I hold the pico button by the front door. I also created a "Doors Open" virtual switch which turns on if any doors (except the front door which is open for me to leave) are open.

The trigger is the front door closing while the IsArmHouse is on and DoorsOpen switch is off. If I forgot to close all the doors, then I get notified and the house won't arm so I can go back and close it. I'm not happy that I had to create an extra virtual switch to hold the state of the button "hold", but that's the best way I could come up with for now.

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I know you could do it with RM or WebcoRe but it would be nice to have it in HSM and one less point of failure to deal with when it’s not working. Also I still want to arm the alarm even with a door was opened.
In Smartthings, I have a virtual switch with WebcoRe to flash every 5 secs on ActionTile in night mode when a contact is/was opened. It works maybe about 90% of the time.

I get what you saying. I just offered this as what I did while I’m waiting for the mobile app. My thing is that I don’t want the system to arm and then tell me I have a door open, nor do I want to get a notification when I’m sitting in the car after all the tasks (like arming my paid for security system) are completed telling me a door is open.

Much as it is frustrating, I really do like RM in the simplicity to create work-arounds and quick solutions for these types of things.

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Any work done on this? Thanks for the workaround but I'm still interested in a more integrated solution for the reasons discussed above.

This is fully implemented in the recent releases. It will give you an alert if any contact sensor is open when you attempt to arm. Released several weeks ago: Hub Update 1.1.5

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