Request: Groups & Scenes - Add possibility to not change Dimmer on/off state


I recently got started with the Groups & Scenes app. It makes it really easy to create some nice atmosphere at home! However, in some cases, I would like to dim some lights only if they are already on. I.e. I'd like to change the dimmer level, but not the on/off state. So that if a light is on, it will dim, but if it's not on, it will stay off.

I'm still sort of new here, so please help me to the right place if this kind of request should be posted somewhere else!


I will think about this idea. You're suggesting an option to only adjust if on, not if off, right?

That could definitely be a way to implement it!

Thanks :relaxed:

And I assume that the only way you ever recover the full Scene or Group activation is for all of the members to be off. Is this what you expect?

Hmm...I'm not totally sure what you mean with your question. I'm not sure what the definition of "recover the full Scene or Group" is.

I have some scenes that partly involve the same dimmers. If the kitchen light is on, I want a scene (let's call it "watching tv") to dim the kitchen light to a certain level. But if the kitchen light is off, I don't want it to turn on just because I'm turning on "watching tv". However, for other lights in the same scene I might want to always dim or turn them off when I'm activating that same scene.

One way to do it could be to add an option "Do not change" in the dropdown "Switch on/off?" (on the "Adjust scene settings" page). Another option could be to have a checkbox for each light on the "Adjust scene settings" page called "Ignore if switch is off" or similar. Perhaps the latter is preferred so that the dimming level doesn't change if the light is off.

I hope that clarifies things :roll_eyes: :grin:

My point was this: Suppose it's not a per switch thing, but the entire scene. If off, don't adjust. OK, but then what happens when they are all off? Then a different logic would need to kick in, essentially, if all are off, adjust all of them per the Scene settings.

Ah, ok. Well, my initial thought was to do it per switch/dimmer. I'm not sure it will fit my needs if it's a setting for the whole scene... For my use case this is really only something I want to do for a few lights that are shared between scenes that we have ended up using at the same time. We have an open room layout between kitchen and living room, and basically if someone is cooking while the other is watching TV I need the kitchen light to dim just enough to still be of help for the chef but not bother the slouch :slight_smile:

I guess I might have to just define more scenes ("watching tv", "cooking" and "watching tv and cooking"). It's just that I'm starting to run out of buttons on my keyfobs :joy: