Request for Priority messaging on mobile app

As the title mentions it would be good to get a feature similar to that of pushover that has messaging priority levels, especially high priority to bypass silent or vibrate mode.

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Are you using Android or iOS?

I have iOS devices and would use this feature too.

But the notifications in the iOS app need some other basic features even more, such as a notification history. It’s not currently possible to see an old event after you acknowledge the push notification that arrived on your phone!!


I am on Android.

I'm not sure why you'd need notification history, although that's not necessary for me

For me it depends on the notification, not like an exhaustive catalog of events but more like, “what was that notification I accidentally swept away a minute ago?” With the iOS app, if you do that, it’s gone forever.

Different levels of priority notifications are nice too, especially when different sounds are supported as it can give you an immediate indication of what type of alert without even looking at the screen. Pushover is a good example of that, for both their iOS and Android apps.

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Completely agree. On iOS, there’s no way to see the history of notifications. This definitely would be a welcome feature!

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Pushover is good but in house would be better, to be able to remove another app

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Would love this, the app seams to support 3 different types of messages but how to specify which im unsure

You could then configure which has priority

Ah I didn't know that. Hopefully the team will look at it when/if they become less busy.

Yea by 'you ' I ment they could make the different message types available