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I'm configured your gateway (C-8), as "helping" machine for my almost 80 years old family member. So far I have success on that, mounting different hardware, but this is not the main issue.

I recently bought "panic/sos button", which work perfectly fine (will be bound to siren in few following days), and I noticed, that there is option to which allow to use:

"Send, Speak, or Log a Message, Send HTTP request"
then there is
"Send/Speak a message"

I'm kindly suggesting new kind of action, called (this is just a temporary idea, name as you wish)
"Send/Speak a message and play (loud) alert"

So idea is to got on phone with hubitat aplication not only message, but played loud sound, to alert user, that family member needs urgent assistance.

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Basic Button Controller or Basic Rules, two other built-in apps, are both great options for handling the automation logic you’re interested in implementing.

Either app can be configured to send a notification and activate a siren when triggered by a button push.

That is a different capability which requires a level of privacy for the mobile apps that we currently don't have plans on requiring. However, you can achieve that using a smart speaker for sound notifications while at home. If you need remote sound alerts on the phone and your mobile device runs Android, you may want to look up MacroDroid app, which offers the capability that you need, already.

That part is already fully understandable, I'm aware of that, in that way I will handle alert in home, my question is, how to handle such alert "on phone", being outside home.

Yes, this is that case, but I will greatly appreciate some hints "how to" use MacroDroid and hubitat.

It is fairly straight forward once you get familiar with macrodroid app. You can use a Rule Machine rule to trigger the action on the Macrodroid side. Your rule might look something like this:

Then on the MacroDroid side, using webhook trigger, you can activate the phone's loud noise.


Oh I see. You want an alert that triggers your phone’s emergency/priority push notification level.

@bobbyD is the Android master, I’m just an iPhone guy.

But Pushover is a mobile app that works on both iOS and android. There is a built-in Hubitat integration for Pushover too.

On iOS, Pushover can trigger “critical” alerts that bypass silent, do-not-disturb, etc. I’d imagine it does the same on android.


you can also just use built in stuff. you can set any contact to bypass silent or dnd, and can pick a cusotm loud ringtone as well. i use where is my droid to ask alexa to locate my phone.. i use where is my droid even even if on silent it will goto max volume and use a custom ringtone.

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Yes, indeed, this is that case. I want to be informed / alerted about crisis situation, on smartphone.


I'm not getting how that should work. I may define contact, but that person need to have their smartphone and call me, to alert me, and need to be aware enough to pick up the phone and dial a number...

Idea is, that this person will have a SOS button permanently hung on a string around the neck, and in case of emergency it will activate in home alarm AND audiable alert on the phone, it could be perfect it such alert could bypass DND/Silent and so on restrictions.

That looks to be doable. Thanks for the hint, I will try to implement that. But still I'm convinced, that functionality which I described could be useful in native application.

There is no native application in hubitat to send sms. There was they removed it and are
Probably not adding it back.

but this is not about sending SMS, at the moment hubitat is capable, to send "push message" to smartphone with installed hubitat application, and that message is displayed on phone, so core mechanism is already there, only possibility do play sound could be added to that.

After your advice, I got successfully loud alert on my smartphone. I'm still convinced, that it would be better, to have such functionality built-in into hubitat application, because already there is mechanism to got push message, but better that, than nothing.

BIG Thank you.

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