Request for Hubitat to Create a IKEA 5 Button Remote Device Driver

I know a community driver cannot be created to support this wonderful device because of group messaging needed to use it. (I read this in a thread about this device from a long time ago)

Maybe enough time has passed, as well as time needed for this to get created. I know several of us users would benefit. And my dear wife wants to know why I can't get this working like it was back in the smartthings days!

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The C-7 and other Hubitat models do not support inbound zigbee group messaging. They do support outbound ZGM.

A simple and robust way to get these remotes working with Hubitat is to pair them to a system that supports inbound zigbee group messaging, and can export paired devices as Hubitat virtual devices that can be used in automations.

One way of doing this is using zigbee2mqtt. I have all my zigbee devices that don’t work well (or at all) with Hubitat, paired to z2m, and I bring them into Hubitat as virtual devices. This includes multiple button controllers.


@swade I can almost guarantee you will get tired looking at this supported devices list. It just keeps going and going...

Excellent suggestion by @aaiyar to add Zigbee2MQTT. No need to worry about unsupported devices. If I can join it to HE, I do. If I cannot, I join it via z2m on HA and bring it into HE with Home Assistant Device Bridge.

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