Request for cameras that integrate well with HE

Hey guys. Happy Monday.

Do you have any cameras that integrate well with HE? I have two Aeotec cam 360’s that I brought along from ST that are pretty much useless and I’m looking for ideas.

From my understanding the hub doesn't really do anything with cameras. The dashboard on the other hand can display a rtsp stream. I do it from my Amcrest cameras through Blue Iris.

That being said, their could be some ways to integrate motion detections and doorbell presses on doorbell cams, hopefully someone can "chime" in. I've never bothered, I saw a blue Iris integration by someone but apparently I'm too stupid to figure it out. Couldn't even understand the nomenclature being used such as "cogs".

Also just thought about using a virtual switch in Hubitat shared to Alexa. Alexa could flip the switch with some things that cam can do. That flipped switch in Hubitat can than do whatever you want.

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