Request: Expose sensor and device data to Google, Alexa, etc

As my vision continues to decline I would like to access sensor and device data via Google. This would include the folowing:
Humidity %
Luminance in lux
Door lock status
etc. smile. Which is a big topic.

I don't think battery % is a requirement as I have some apps to tell me when the senor/device is no longer responding or has a lower battery. But if it's easy then well, why not.

Another one might be How long ago was the kitche motion sensor active but I don't know if Google/Alexa have that available for Hubitat to use.

The Alexa integration is much better as far as devices supported vs the built in Google Home one. There is a Community Google integration that lets you use the full array of supported device types in Google Home. [Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration

I sent a multi sensor over using it and all I get is temperature in the google home app. I don't think it (Google Home) supports showing Humidity or even battery level.

Can I ask, what do you plan to do with the data once in google/alexa?

If the intent is to have google/alexa verbally report back reading then it might be possible virtually trigger a rule that would compile the data and speak it back.

The Google Home Community app that @jtp10181 mentioned can do humidity, temperature, door locks, battery level, etc (disclaimer: I'm the primary maintainer of that app). The only thing you listed that it can't (and won't be able to) do is Luminance, since Google doesn't have an API for reporting that as far as I'm aware.

It's more complex to set up, but it's also a lot more flexible than the built-in Google Home integration.

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Do you have to send humidity as a separate sensor? I tried to make a multi sensor with temp and humidity but I can only see the temp in the home app.

The app will indeed only show one or the other. Voice commands can be used to query them individually. Sadly there's nothing I can do about that. The Home app shows whatever it wants.

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Yes, I want to be able to ask Google/Alexa those values.
"What is the hallway motion sensor temperature?"

Awesome. I was quite unaware of this app.

Yeah, the Google Home Community works very well for these kind of scenario's. Much appreciated @mbudnek !)

Some customization can also be obtained by exposing a switch/button triggered by Google home. And then using RM to speak a custom text with a Chromecast audio device.

@tony4 When the hallway motion sensor temperature is assigned to the (google) room 'hallway', you can just ask for the temperature in the hallway.

I have door sensors in all (outside) doors. Google home reports in all of them when asked 'are the doors closed?'.
(And I cast an audio message when the front door is left open for longer than 10 minutes)

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