[REQUEST] Add Power to list of available sensors for the built-in Notifications App

I would like to request that Power sensors be included in the list of sensors available in the Notifications app. It seems to be fairly common wanting to be notified about power related events that last for a certain duration. Just a couple of examples:
Freezer stops working (e.g. Power=0 for more than 15 minutes)
Sump Pump overrun (e.g. Power>10 for more than 5 minutes)

I know I can test for these conditions in RM, but the Notifications App is nice and easy for checking the duration and repeating notifications until condition ends and it would be nice to be able to use it for Power related events as well as the existing temperature, battery level, and other similar things.

Also, is there a way to enable info logging for the Notifications app? I don't see it.

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I will look into it.


Power reporting does seem to be the one thing missing from all Apps except RM. I have a couple of things I would like to do depending on power levels, but I’m still using SmartThings for them... Not sure I want to get to grips with RM just for a couple of cases.

New hot fix release includes this feature for Notifications app.

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RM isn't that hard.

Whilst I absolutely agree with you, it does seem odd that it’s the one and only trigger missing from both Basic and Simple Automations, with the exception of humidity! I can set a trigger on, say, lux being greater than 200, but not on power being greater than 200. Just my two penn’orth...

Bruce Wow! Thanks for such a quick response! :smiley:

However, I guess I used the wrong sensors as examples (temperature and battery). I pulled those off the top of my head and didn't mean for you to emulate those two specifically. I was hoping the power conditions would include this option...

It seems like most of the other sensors (contact, vibration, presence, switch, valve, etc.) have that option and I didn't realize the two examples I pulled out of the air don't have that option and now the new Power sensor doesn't have it either. Sorry my bad on picking those two :blush:

I'm thoroughly impressed that you added it so quickly :+1: but would it be possible, pretty please to add the "For how long?" option to the power test as well :crossed_fingers:

My Freezer example is a case where I would need this "for how long" test. The freezer power regularly cycles on/off during the day. I only want to get notified if its off for a long enough time (not every time it cycles on/off)

Also, your RM example with the Washing Machine is another good case for adding the "for how long" option. Often Washing Machine have soak cylces with little to no power usage before spinning again. we don't want a notification while its 'soaking' at 0 (or very low) power. The notification needs to wait "for how long" before deciding the full cycle is done and not just pausing for a soak :wink:

Thanks again for looking into this and providing an update so quickly :smiley:

"For how long" applies to binary sensors like contacts being left open. A power meter is more like a temperature sensor. "How long" for what?

I think what you want to do is probably pushing into RM territory. Give an explicit example of what you are trying to do.

Ahhhh, that helps. Thanks for the info.

Freezer stops working (e.g. Power=0 for more than 15 minutes)
Sump Pump overrun (e.g. Power>10 for more than 5 minutes)

I think I was editing my post with examples at the same time you replied.

OK, this is all easy to do in Rule Machine, and beyond the scope of Notify as it is currently structured.

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Thanks for the RM example ... I can work with that. :+1:

And again, thanks for adding power sensor to the Notifications App. I still think people will find it handy even without the 'for how long' condition (since its not a binary sensor).

This feature has been added to Basic Rule in latest release:

I hate to bug him to answer how the logic flows in his RM code,
do you understand the use of the timeout with the IF conditional test right below?

The triggering event is a loss of power,
the wait for condition is for a return of power,
if it comes back then the flow continues and
the power level is tested again with the IF ?
The timeout allows the flow to proceed after 15 and hit the IF no matter what.

Seeking to follow what he's done for tutoring purposes.

The IF was an effort to differentiate between the 15:00 timeout and the return of power. It's awkward, and I really don't recommend it.

Instead, try the new power meter options in Basic Rule. They can directly do what the OP requested for Notifications app.