Request: add carbon dioxide to notification option

Id like to make a request that carbon dioxide be added to the notification list. With my use case, i have been monitoring the co2 in my house and have been wanting to be notified if the value rises above 1000 ppm and if the value returns to normal below 900 ppm.

Next release:


Awesome thank you very much

You realize you can still do that rule machine just not Notifier?

Yes I'm aware rule machine can provide what I'm looking for, however i prefer to keep rule machine for complicated programs that HE doesn't have natively, like controlling my ERV system to modulate based on indoor co2.
Why tie up hub processing on something that has an integrated app already, but didnt have the attribute needed.

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Thank you again for adding co2 notifications to the current update.

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controlling my ERV system to modulate based on indoor co2.
@SigFan86: Can you please explain how you do this? Which CO2 sensor have you got connected to Hubitat???

My ERVs are Panasonic Whisper Comfort, controlled via a dual switch (on/off, and high/low). I would love to be able to link the controls to both occupancy sensors and CO2 sensors. I'd envision:

  • Occupancy sensor in a prominent place - powers the ERV for 12 hours each time it senses occupancy. This would turn the ERV in one section of the house off when the occupants are gone for several days.
  • CO2 monitor in the sleeping and or working area of the portion of the house the ERV serves. This would turn the ERV to high when CO2 gets over a threshold, and keep the ERV at low at all other times.