Repurpose open close sensor

@zarthan I put on the 2 wires. I setup a rule when Closed Turn on... When Open to off,

I have a standard Dumb light switch hooked up to it. I turn on the Switch, (Closes circuit) Lights come on. Turn off Switch, (open circuit) lights do off.

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That's great.

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@basic261 Perhaps for completeness for anyone finding this in the future you could add the device make/model you are using.

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@zarthan I really don't know what kind it is. It's about 2 years old. I'm guessing it's a GoControl


Be great if you could post the model #.

This is all I got

  • deviceType: 8193
  • inClusters: 0x71,0x85,0x80,0x72,0x30,0x86,0x84
  • deviceId: 258
  • MSR: 014F-2001-0102
  • manufacturer: 335
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I have a GoControl Thermostat and it has the same Manufacturer Number 335

So it's a GoControl.

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Just looked at my past orders on Amazon. Looks like it's a GoControl WADWAZ-1

And I love the idea of the regular on/off switch. Perfect!

Looks like this Contact sensor will do the same.

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I asked because there's a device handler for this that lets you use the internal contact and external contact separately.

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I use that same sensor. There are a number of rebrands (GoControl, Linear, Monoprice...) that all appear the same. The external contacts are nice. I wrote my own driver to handle them since the Generic does not.

I will admit though that drilling a hole in the end then getting the wires lined up is sometimes annoying. If they had a vertical connect with a bit of snap out plastic from the bottom edge, on end and the side opposite the reed switch that would be nicer.

I (badly) soldered wires up to a spare Quirky Tripper and then wired that to my sump pump's backup system (it has contacts for home security systems to alert the user that the backup is running). Now if my backup system engages, I get alerts. The only oddity is that the backup system has the open/closed reversed, so I had to adjust my rule accordingly.

I can't comment on the other brands you've mentioned, but the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor driver is sufficient to indicate when the external contacts are open or closed for the GoControl WADWAZ-1 .

Or did you mean your custom driver permits use of both the internal and external contacts simultaneously?

The Monoprice firmware is not the same as GoControl so the external terminal will not work on Monoprice just incase someone is looking to buy one for this purpose.

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I have mine all wired up now and both the wired and Mag sensors are working.

Mine allows both to work at the same time. :slight_smile:

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Here's a short video of my project.

The wall switch was just $7 at H.D. I'm using this to open and close the contact on the sensor.

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