Reporting Lights Left On

Apologies if this is out there already (and I hope it is), is there a simple method to report on lights that are left on? I have motion and room lighting controls for every room, yet occasionally they don't turn off when they are supposed to when motion ceases. Would like to have a means to pop a screen or report that lists only lights left on without making the mother of all if-then-else statements in Rule Machine. Thanks in advance.

A Hubitat Dashboard or similar solution is a built-in option that would let you see any devices you choose visually -- and provide a way to control them -- though not only those that are on. You could also create an "Activator" device for your Room Lighting instance, configure it such that the activator reports as on any time any devices in that RL instance are on, and then use that device as a proxy. It's probably not exactly what you want, but as an alternative to a rule, I wrote this app that can do TTS or push/text notifications: [RELEASE] Device Status Announcer (TTS or notification if lock unlocked, door/window open, etc.).

Those are just a few ideas. This all assumes your devices report properly back to Hubitat when they are on or off; if they don't, that is a separate issue that none of these options would solve (and depending on your RL configuration, it's possible it could be the cause of this issue in the first place).

Appreciate the reply. I have dashboards set up with the lights in each room. Thought about setting up one huge dashboard with all the individual lights, but really was dreaming of a scenario that summarizes the lights on with a list. The idea of the activators is a good one that simplifies, will look into it more. I will check out your app too. Thanks!

I am actually a bit curious as to why your lights are not turning off as you expect. That may be the better way to fix this as well. There really is no good reason for a light to not turn off if everything is working as expected.

Could you list what you have controlling the lights, the app, switch devices, how they integrationw with HE ect.

I recently had a RL issue where i had my closet lights not turning off properly due to a override creating conflicts at time depending on how it was activated. It may be worth researching why it is happening even if you get a functioning way to check it.

I use Action tiles as a way to check the state of all of my switches at once.

I've notice a few lights left on over the past week and caught one last night in the logs. The timeout on the Wait failed at 11:59:25.389. I retrigger the rule and it worked as expected at 12:14:38.966. I'm going to think about some sort of logic that I can add to my rule to force an off at some TBD time after the trigger.

Can you post your rule?

I also wrote a rule for each room to turn on a virtual switch if lights stayed on with no motion detected, and then wait another 15 minutes and if still true to turn them off.

I believe this is related to your RL rule.

I had a closet switch that used motion and physical action to turn the lights on and off. I had it setup similar to what you have above. What ended up happening was RL rule would get out of sync because of the override and recovery. What is expected to turn the light off when the override is turn off but passed the motion interval has passed?

What is the purpose for the override in the rule?

Try switching your RL rule from using the "Re-Enable Turning Off upon these Events" to "Use Turning off Alternative"

I have ESPresence set up on HomeAssistant with ESP32's in each room and was passing the room location of each us to Hubitat via the bridge app. Main goal is to keep lights from turning off when room is occupied, even if setting still longer than the motion timeout for the room (a.k.a. keeps my wife happier with automation). So I had the flag in there that turned on whichever room occupied to disable turning off and I had the resume turning off when the room occupied switch turned off. I had to remove it from syncing with Hubitat as the updates were really bogging down my C7 so upgraded to the C8 and somehow it just crushed it. May have settled down over time, but it overloaded it for the first 24 hours so I disabled the sync and tried to go thru and remove the hooks I had built in.

I am giving it a shot, will report back.