Report Temperature to Dashboard from HUE Outdoor Motion Sensor

I have a Hue Outdoor Motion sensor and would like to put a Temperature guage on my dashboard. Is there a way to do that?

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Something like this?
This is created using a community app called 'Hubigraphs'.
If you decide to give it a go I would download it via Hubitat Package Manager as there are a lot of elements to it.
Good luck.

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I use a Hue Motion sensor for outside Temp as well.

Simple Temp dashboard tile.


More Hubigraph, chart not gauge I know @bobbles beat me to it :wink:

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Thanks, and yes but was hoping it already existed in Hubitat, I will take a peak at it. Are you using the HUE outdoor sensor?

Cool, what are the mechanics of getting this to work. If you can just point me in the right direction I will do the legwork

No, I don't use that type of device.
The picture I showed above is the humidity sensor in my bathroom.

These are 4 different sensors (all motion, but they do not need to be) in various locations. Hubigraph > Time Graph and it will walk you thru the settings. Hubigraph has a ton to offer, so I would start with just one or sensors on a graph and play with each to get the fell. Enjoy a fantasic app from @thomas.c.howard

The only thing the exsist by default is the tile I posted above, not gauge, chart/graphs. you need apps for that



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