Replicate Lutron Aurora Controller in HE

I just recently purchased Hubitat, and I am still learning how to use it. When I paired my Philips Hue bridge, my lights came over, but my Lutron Aurora dimmer controllers did not. I've learned that you have to pair the controllers directly with HE for them to show up. I have successfully paired the controllers to HE.

Now I want to replicate the functionality that I had with the switches when I used them with the Philips Hue app in HE. I've been able to replicate turning on and off the lights by pushing the physical button and raising and lowering the light brightness using the physical dial all through the Mirror app.

However, the one function that I cannot get to work is setting the color and brightness when the physical button is pressed and the lights turn on. This functionality was limited in Hue, but worked. I was hoping to develop more complex actions using HE, but I haven't tried anything yet, because I have been able to replicate how Philips Hue controlled the dimmer.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Sadly, I won't be much help. You got further than I did. I tried getting them directly into HE a few months back and couldn't get anywhere near the smooth dimming experience I had before. I gave up and put them back on the Hue hub.
The disadvantage of that, as you probably know, is that when the lights are changed with the Aurora it can take up to a minute for HE to know about it. Fine most of the time, but not great for some automation situations.
Anyway, I mostly wanted to welcome you here and follow this thread, because I am definitely interested in getting the same answers you are.

Thank you for welcoming me to group.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one trying to solve this problem. I am at the same point you are. I'm ready to put the dimmer back on the Hue hub.

I'm still experimenting with different automations and apps with HE, and I look forward to tapping into the HE's full potential. Unfortunately, I think this is a situation where if it's not broke, don't fix it (i.e. the dimmer works almost perfectly on the Hue hub, so why change it).

I had both Lutron and Hue bridges working well under Smartthings. When I migrated to Hubitat, the Hue bridge and bulbs migrated smoothly. However, the original Lutron bridge will not work with Hubitat. While you might get the Lutron dimmers and switches to pair with Hubitat, they will not function properly. You will need to purchase the Lutron Pro 2 bridge. Mine just arrived yesterday.

You have to connect the new Lutron bridge to Hubitat using the Lutron Integration app. Make sure when you set up the bridge that you establish a new Lutron account. Otherwise, it will get confused with the info from the old bridge.
Hubitat and Lutron communicate over Telnet using the IP address of the Lutron bridge.

You set up all of your devices in the Luton bridge (either collective or one at a time). Then you have to set up each device in Hubitat's Lutron Integration app using the specific device numbers assigned by Lutron. Note that device "1" is the hub, so your Lutron devices will start with "2".

I now have all the switches and dimmers working properly in Hubitat, but am still working on getting the Pico remotes set up.

There are plenty of good instructions on how to go about doing this, so hopefully you won't have to much difficulty once you obtain your new Lutron Pro 2 bridge.

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