Replacing WYZE cams and Locks

I have integrated all the electrical devices that I wanted to in my house with Hubitat. Now I want to replace the WYZE locks and cams so I will have one dashboard combining electrical, cams and locks. Moving to a true smart home other then AV. I also like the fact that Hubitat does not need cloud connection. So how do I go about this? I like the WYZE locks because the use the same Schlage deadbolt on my main doors. Now for the cameras. They are all WYZE. Do I flash the cams to be webcams or buy a cam that works with Hubitat ? It kinda would be nice if you could combine the 2 dashboards into one screen.

I recommend FOSCAM... Cheap and well made.... Combine that with Camect and you will be very happy.

Lookin at both.

You can also do blue iris...

What do you want out of integration with a camera in Hubitat? Very few are supported natively, and the only ones that are (Hikvision as of platform 2.3.6) just send some events, like motion or person detection. Video is not available, though some have tricked a Dashboard into displaying a feed if the camera offers a way to access that (not strictly a Hubitat issue but you can find some ideas with searching here, for sure).

I no longer use Wyze, but I didn't have a problem with using it as basically a standalone system when I did. I had no need for video on Hubitat, and I have other means of motion detection. The Wyze app handled notifications and other features I needed fine on its own. Nowadays, I use UniFi Protect (all local--didn't think it made any sense to constantly send video from my home to the internet for processing and storage), but it's also the same--it just works fine on its own. (There are streams you can use that you could probably put on a Dashboard without needing odd firmware like Wyze, but I've still never tried....but that's one other difference, I suppose.)

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