Replacing older tech

When do you guys go and replace older tech?

i ask cause i have some old Ecolink zwave alarms
wink bulbs
iris motion sensors
iris smart plug (3210 L that has a zigbee plug and zwave repeater in it)
handful of non zwave plus devices

so when do you decide?

i know most people say do not touch it unless it gives issues but wondering everyone's thoughts?

im thinking i should most likely start with iris stuff since i cant readd.

Any motion sensors that size? i loved them cause of the size

This is not universally true; it is applicable to only the Iris v1 devices (also known as AlertMe, the proprietary Zigbee profile they used). So, it depends on what generation of "Iris motion sensor" you have. The v2 (model 3326-L and I think -L2) and v3 (model iL07_1) are standard Zigbee profiles and will work fine. If you aren't sure, share a picture and someone can tell you -- they're all pretty distinct. If you liked the size, I suspect you have v2.

That Iris plug is also standard Zigbee, though I think some people have had bad luck with at least some part of it (maybe the Z-Wave repeater?). So, your Iris devices might be better than you think. In general, Zigbee hasn't changed that much, and I don't have any problem keeping most older devices around if they are standard.

The Wink bulbs are probably old enough to be problematic (I don't know anything about them specifically, but many early Zigbee bulbs are reported to be poor repeaters unless used on an all-bulb network, causing problems for other devices). Despite what I said above about Zigbee, they may be worth replacing.

"Classic"/non-Plus Z-Wave devices can also be a bit more finicky than modern ones, and most modern ones also have advantages like better battery life. So, you might not need to replace them but could want to. I care more about powered devices here, as I appreciate the theoretically better range and potentially faster speeds of 700/800-series repeaters compared to older generations (just in time for LR to be finally taking off...). Many older Z-Wave switches also don't report status back to the hub for physical on/off actions ot the hub due to now-expired patent issues, another reason newer devices can help.

So, I guess to summarize, I'm a bit picker about Z-Wave; I have no 300-series devices left and only a handful of 500-series devices, mostly sensors but a couple powered devices where there are no good modern replacements or I don't see a compelling reason to change. For Zigbee, less so; all my bulbs are on a separate network (a Hue Bridge) -- that has long been good advice, even if possibly less necessary with newer ones -- but I have lots of "aging" sensors, including the Iris v2 sensors that I still think are great devices. For Zigbee, my desire to change has been more driven by a desire to try new things than any technical need.

Just my take!


The v2 Iris gear is really great Zigbee stuff (*). I would suggest not replacing them. But if you do, I know there are people here who would buy it from you.

(*) I only mean the Zigbee side; don't bother with the Z-wave repeater half of the 3210L


Correct. I have at least a dozen that made it through migrations from C4 to C5 to C7 to C8 and finally to C-8 Pro and never skipped a beat on Zigbee side. I had major issues at the beginning as Z-Wave repeaters and I don't use the Z-Wave portion. Those are like tanks. Likewise for Iris v2 stuff. Contacts, motion sensors, I have well dozens of each. The only time they stop working is when they run out of batteries every few years lol Also most solid devices I ever owned.

I follow JDRobert's plan from Smartthings days. I have a budget for devices and plan on refreshing my gear every 4 years. Some gadgets get refreshed sooner depending on technological advances (like I upgraded all of my 300 and 500 series Z-Wave devices a few years ago). I don't plan to upgrade all to 800 series any time soon, but I replace them if they die with new tech.


all great info! thanks everyone. i need to look deeper at what i have iris wise. i think it’s all v2 stuff (motion and door). door stuff i never got around to hooking up but might now :grin:


I usually only replace things when they break. It seems that the older stuff had more functions than the new ones at a lower price. Case in point, I have original Smarthings zigbee contact sensors. They had contact, battery, acceleration, temperature, three axis. Try getting all that now days without paying through the nose. If you can get them at all.

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The only downside of the multi-functional devices, is that the more sensors you throw on the board, the faster the battery drains. So from that perspective I rather buy specific sensors for specific use case.


I still have all my Iris V2 motion sensors and Iris zigbee plugs. They are my favorite devices. Been surviving from ST to HE C3, 5 now C8p.


I still have my C-4 as a development hub.... keeps kicking along just as well as the C-7 that was meant to replace it.... :slight_smile:

If you have older Iris stuff, you can pick up a C5 or C7 cheap and link via Hubmesh to your newer hub.

As far as the other part of your question, I replace items when:

  • It breaks or is worn beyond further use. Lots of my old Jasco dimmers were replaced for this reason. I have also replaced a few old 300 and 500 series Z-wave for that reason, they were slow, didn't report status, etc.

  • Something new is available that wasn't previously, like the Zooz Zen30 double switch that work great for ceiling fans combined with lights. Previously there really was nothing like that on the market for a single gang box.

  • An item is annoying to use, a newer version will simply work better or have more functions. I got rid of my Peanut plugs because they wrecked the Zigbee mesh. I have replaced a few RGB strip controllers that have newer and better versions that function better.

  • Once in a while I buy stuff to try for Beta testing, or for curiosity. I bought a couple RGB Matter light bulbs a while back just to try that protocol out and see if it really was worth moving forward with that instead of Zigbee or Z-wave.

  • Occasionally I buy a toy or something fun to try out, but typically I try to stick to things I know I will use.


Is this a documented C8 problem?

Only with the proprietary gen 1 devices, otherwise it tends to be a misunderstanding of this:

I'd also consider it more of an "issue" than a "problem" given these devices. :slight_smile:


Yes, and the Iris V1 button is missing from the C8 UI as well.

Like I said above, the easiest thing to do is buy a cheap C5 or C7. They seem to go for about $30 to $50 right now on Ebay. Many of us have our old hubs when we upgraded too.

That second hub also gives you the opportunity to offload things like chatty LAN devices or cloud integrations on their own hub to reduce load on the main hub. Having that extra hub also has been handy to exclude Z-wave devices without removing the device from the C8, so I can do firmware updates and device swaps without wrecking all the automations involved.

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Please don't suggest more hubs ! I already have 6 and probably 1 more will get me a boot in the keester and shown the door.
C4, C4, C5, C7, C7, C8, oh and a backup C4

Actually the C8pro looks see what you started


Not meaning to hijack the thread (I think it’s finished.), but this intrigues me. Can you elaborate?

I think you need to replace all of them each with 7 c8 pros...

do it jewish GIF


In the spirit on this topic, why not seek out 7 C-4's.... they are still rock solid for many.... mine is still ticking over as a dev hub.... it reportedly runs hot... but that doesn't seem to bother it.... I'm sure there are some willing to part with their's so they can replay it with a C-8 / Pro

When you exclude a Z-Wave device using a second hub or UZB stick and PC controller, the device is excluded (internal Z-Wave data cleared) without the first hub knowing it happened. So all automations using that device remain intact on the first hub.

You can then do whatever you want with the device (including adding it to a different hub or PC Controller temporarily to do FW updates) and then exclude and rejoin it to the first hub as a new device when you're done. Then use Swap Apps Device to swap it for the original device. Using the Replace option on Z-Wave Details is also an option but that function is not 100% reliable.


That’s the part that I was missing. I usually create a virtual device, swap, exclude device, include as new unsecured device, update, exclude, include with security, swap, delete virtual device.

Your way sounds easier :flushed:

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My C4 is a workhorse. Most solid hub of my collection and better memory stats as well. I guess because the radios have their own resources..maybe?

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