Replacing hub

A lightning strike has damaged my Hub and I am forced into replacing it unfortunately.
Is there a way to preserve the settings / dashboards / etc and transfer them to the new Hub?

If you have, or can get a backup, then you can restore it. Unless you have the subscription for cloud backups, that will not include any Z-Wave/ZigBee devices. If you have cloud backups, whether or not the devices are restored depends on the hub model.

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Are you sure your hub is bad? Nothing I read in your other threads would indicate that is the case. If lightning hit your hub, you very likely would have lost the ethernet port. And by extension, you wouldn't even be able to access the hub.

What you are seeing is probably corruption from power loss, and a soft reset and restore would likely fix any issues.


Also wondering how you concluded this.

If I read correctly in another thread, your hub is functional but you’re having an issue with dashboards?

That doesn’t sound like the after effects of a lightning strike, but admittedly I haven’t read all of what you’ve posted recently.


I have concluded this because due to the lightning strike (which also broke the transformer on the pole behind my house) -

  1. I lost several electronics with ethernet cables plugged into them.
  2. The hub is mostly working but as an example I can not eliminate the pin request for opening my dashboard. I go into apps, delete the pin and click on done but I have to do this 3 times for the pin to not reload itself. I can then open my dashboard exactly one time without a oin and then the next time I'm being asked for a pin again. I go back to apps and magically the pin has been put back that I deleted.

Someone mentioned a "soft reset" - I don't know what that means.



Again, none of that seems like it is a lightning related issue.


I performed a soft reset and reloaded hub from backup.
Same as before.......
Apps shows a pin required for dashboard. I have to delete it twice (clicking done each time) before a pin does not show. I go to dashboard, it loads without requiring pin. I then reopen dashboard and it then asks for a pin.
Over and over again the same.

If soft reset didn't do the trick, it sounds like a browser cache issue. Did you try from a private browsing window, or a completely different browser?

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That's it.
Thanks everyone.......... I very much appreciate the help!!

Hub works perfectly in Firefox private and other browser.
I prefer Firefox and would like to continue to use it.
I have emptied the cache and browsing history yet the hub still exhibits the problem I have with the pin for the dashboard.
So,... How does one correct this in Firefox?

It may be worth seeing if you can open some kind of developer tools in FireFox to see if there are any errors being displayed in the console for the browser when you try to clear the pin.


Going into developer tools is past my pay grade.
This is what's happening............
Open apps, choose dashboards, choose my dashboard, delete pin then done, the pin does not delete, Repeat deleting pin and done. The pin then is gone.
Open dashboards app, my dashboard opens without pin request every time.
If I go back to apps and then open my dashboard settings the pin has been automatically been reinserted.

Your instance of Firefox is using cached data that hasn’t been removed from the browser’s cache.

One simple solution would be to use a private browser window or a different browser.

Another option would be to change the DHCP address reserved for your Hubitat to a new IP address. It should then work with Firefox as anticipated.

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Could he also uninstall/reinstall FF? I would think that would clear things up if just a normal cache clear isn't working.

Odd that FF isn't clearing its cache when he tells it to.

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Half the time the cache and other previous program data are left on the hard drive, hell even the registry entries are left with a lot of software. So uninstalling and reinstalling is no guarantee. Using Revouninstaller may do it though.