Replacing Elevation Hub

I have been using an Elevation Hub Model C5 (the one with the Zigbee USB dongle) for some years but it has failed and it will not boot up to give the green light, and just gives an intermittant blue LED
If I remove the dongle and power up directly then I can get the green LED and get access to it.
Most of my devices use Zigbee, but obviously, I cannot control them now.
I am in Portugal and have ordered a replacement, but don't know how long delivery/ customs will take and I am seriously missing the facilities.
1 - Has anyone any experience of repairing a USB dongle with this fault?
2 - Could you advise on transferring everything on the old hub to the new one, particularly as the hub can only boot up without the Zigbee dongle?

While I trust many of the members of the Community to guide you through many of the issues you are facing, I expect there will need to be some involvement from support, perhaps @bobbyD or one of the dev team to assess the engineering logs (@gopher.ny ??).

In the meantime I am not sure of any tips for getting your Zigbee network back up and running... Sorry. Hopefully others will pitch in and offer some advice or indication of the next steps.

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It is likely unrelated, but wonder if @mcdull 's experience is somehow similar....?

Thanks for your comment, sburke781.
I just wanted to clarify that If I connect the hub to power directly, the hub will boot up OK and I can get access to "Settings" etc. If I then try to power up with the Zigbee dongle, the hub eventually shows a flashing blue LED (so presumably has power) but never gets to the green LED. Consequently I can access nothing via the web address or the app.
This seems to indicate to me, that the dongle is providing power to the hub, but some aspect of the dongle software is blocking the booting up of the hub.
I wonder if there is any way of downloading and updating the USB thumbdrive seperately?
I can't think of a way of updating/ replacing the thumb drive software otherwise.

P.S. I have powered down; disconnected; waited powered back up, many, many times, to no avail.

Yeah, that's why I expect the support team are likely the one's to assist, it does sound odd what you have described....

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Just to get a clearer picture, on what version of Hubitat are you, Did this occur after an update?

The Hubitat elevation C-5 hub never shipped with an external USB Zigbee radio. It has always used its internal Zigbee radio worldwide.

For non-North America countries, the C-5 did ship with an external USB Z-wave radio. This was to account for the different Z-wave frequencies used worl-wide.

Thus, I am a little confused that Zigbee is having issues with the USB radio removed... :thinking:

Now, the earlier C-3/C-4 hubs shipped with 2 USB radios for non-NA locations (one for Zigbee and another for Z-Wave.) In NA that model shipped with a single Nortek combination Zigbee/Z-Wave USB dongle.

Just trying to get better clarity on the issue...


Thanks ogiewon.
My memory is not what it was and I no longer have access to the payment card for the Elevation.
I understood that the Zigbee radio was on the dongle, but perhaps it is Z-Wave that is on the Dongle.
Whatever, the fact remains that if I connect via the dongle I get nothing whereas if I connect directly to the hub, I can access the Settings etc.
I thought that without the dongle I would not be able to do anything, but view of your comments I will try to access my Zigbee devices.


When I say "connect" I mean that the hub does not power up to the green light with the dongle but does so without the dongle.
I should also confirm that I have no Z-Wave devices and intend to focus on Zigbee

Can you try a new power supply please? The symptoms you describe match what is expected if the power supply is going bad.

You can use any USB power supply that can put out a minimum of 1A at 5VDC.


Are you leaving the OTG USB cable (the Y-shaped USB cable) in place during the test when you remove the USB Z-Wave radio? I wonder if the OTG cable could be the problem instead of the USB dongle?


Thanks to everyone and I can confirm that after I took aaiyar's advice and tried another power supply, a quick check indicates most devices appear to working again
I was fooled by the fact that the Elevation was plugged into 6 outlet powered USB power supply, rather than individual power supplies. The other hubs (Hue and Tado) using this, seemed to be OK, but even these other hubs now seem unreliable, so all of these are now transferred to individual PSU's.
Additionally, I was mistaken about the dongle radio, so as I am standardising on Zigbee, presumably I can discard the Z-Wave dongle?
Finally with second Elevation Hub on the way, your advice would be appreciated on how I might make best use of it.
Thanks to everyone, again.


You hit that nail square on the head. I guess the tiny bit of power the Nortek stick pulls is enough to stress out the weak power supply