Replacing a new C8

I’m planning to replace the C8 that is locking up with a new one. I have so few devices that i plan to do a new build, especially not knowing if i have DB issues. What is the best way to go about this? Do i need to just deregister the old device? Will that wipe out everything and get me back to a clean start? Thanks in advance.

First, in the short term I'd just backup and set your current hub aside. Don't need to go nuclear on it until you're sure the new hub is an improvement.

I'd do a backup of your current hub, just in case you find a need for it in the future. Probably never need it, but you never know and just takes a few minutes.

Then disable the Z-Wave and Zigbee radios on the hub (Settings>Z-Wave Details, Settings>Zigbee Details), and then shut the hub down and unplug it from network and power.

You can leave the hub on your account until you sure you're getting rid of it, won't hurt anything.

Boot up the new hub, register it to your account sign up for hub protect or transfer any existing hub protect subscription to your new hub. Then complete any available firmware updates and start adding devices and setting up automations.

Z-Wave: You'll have to exclude each Z-Wave device and then put it into inclusion mode to add it to your new hub. You can use your new hub to do the exclusions before you include them to the hub.

Zigbee: Reset each Zigbee device (which should automatically put it into join mode) and pair it to your hub.


Thank you Danabw. Very well put together…even I should be able to follow it!!