Replacement hub / Schlage and lock Codes

I’m running into an issue since I replaced my hub and I think I know what the answer is going to be but I’m hoping not.... has to do with my Schlage be469 locks and lock code manager. Since I’ve replaced my hub, whenever I unlock the door with my code it’s not recognizing the lock has been unlocked (still shows locked). So a few of my rules aren’t triggering. Mainly the auto lock function and a few lighting rules. I’m getting an error in the logs that acting as if lock code manager is empty and doesn’t have my lock codes anymore since my restore of my previous backup.

Has anyone else come across this and fixed it? Is my only option here is to remove my locks from Hubitat and factory reset them and reads them and the codes back into hubitat?

And yes, the locks are connected to Hubitat successfully because I can use Hubitat to lock and unlock them successfully.

I ran into a similar issue when I was rebuilding my mesh. Unfortunately I did end up having to remove and re-pair the lock to get it all working again. Double check the device driver that you're using. Also, when you say it is working through hubitat, is it working via the device screen, or through the tile (pushing the lock icon)?

Through the device screen. I was just looking in lock code manager and it appears that all the users were wiped and none were restored. I can see the lock usage statistics for the users but I can’t remove any users, only option is to add users. I’m wondering how this is going to fair if I add users to already existing codes stored in the locks prior to my old hub going down. @bravenel is this a bug in the restoration process / lock code manager?

Can you try restoring with a platform version that matches the last backup you have from your old hub?

I did that from the beginning.

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This doesn’t seem to be a mesh issue. My other suggestion is to delete LCM and reinstall it.

I've never been able to get rid of LCM :smiley:

I can delete it, it's gone from Apps, but as soon as I install it again, it's got a full config of what I had before deleting.

@inetjnky You're using a C-5 hub, right? I had 2 locks on a C-3 and when I moved them to the newest hub I have, the locks would work, lock and unlock, but the status wasn't coming back right. This was especially true with unsolicited messages, such as open with a code or physical. LCM was never right. Adding/Deleting/Changing codes via the Device Info page didn't appear to work, although, codes entered this way were functional on the lock. In other words, I could TELL the lock(s) to do anything and it got there.. but responses were poor.

I moved the locks back to the C-3 and of course they worked fine.. as did LCM, which had been deleted weeks earlier.

Because it's a new hub and I'm trying to be extra diligent about mesh building, I'm willing to imagine the two parallel ZWave meshes aren't as resilient as I thought. But I'm also harboring a nagging doubt.

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I thought you could go to the device tab, and into the lock, and manually delete the codes from there. You will have to open a log, read the position the code is stored (Get Code), and then go back and delete that position. From there LCM should work to re-add codes, I think.

It’s a C4 hub.

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