Replacement Garage Door Keypad

I have a basic outdoor keypad for my garage door that was here when I moved it. It has never worked well. The buttons are all "gummy" and I have to tried multiple times to get a code to work. Its getting worse now.

So rather than spending like $40-50 on a "regular" there any battery-operated keypads that I can use to open my garage AND do other stuff?

1234 ENTER = Open garage
5678 = Lock all doors
2345 = Turn off all the lights


Iris V3 or V2 keypad, such as:

Iris White Security Alarm Keypad Model IL021 | eBay

You'll have to mount them in a water proof box.

Edit: As pointed out by @csteele, this will not work.

Thanks. Have any boxes you recommend? Preferably one that opens easily.

As pointed out by @csteele, this will not work.

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Pointed out where? I also a new garage door keypad, so this is of interest to me as well.

I don't know where you're looking for keypads but there are definitely cheaper alternatives for a regular garage door keypad.

You don't mention whether or not you have connected Hubitat to your garage door opener. Since any solution using a keypad connected to Hubitat would require that this be true, I will assume that you have some way of controlling the garage door from Hubitat. If you don't, then everything I'm about it say is null and void.

Since security Keypads only disarm based on a code, you would have to have a rule to re-arm the keypad after it was disarmed. But you could use the keypad disarming as the trigger in your rule, then the "lastCodeName" attribute as the condition in your rule. You would not be able to tie the keypad into HSM as it would totally screw up that system. It would have to be independent of that.

However I don't think that you are going to find that this works all that well. It is going to be very laggy and slow to respond. Plus, if you rely on this to open the door in a "lock-out" situation (i.e. hidden key inside the garage), then this is definitely out of the question as it would not operate the garage door if Hubitat was down for any reason.

Also, your keypad is going to have very bad performance if you live in a cold environment. The iris keypads are also quite large. A box large enough to contain them is going to be quite unsightly, especially near a door where you can't hide it.

Personally, I would stick to a purpose built garage door opener keypad and then another solution if you need an outdoor control point.

Yes, I have a ZooZ relay on my garage door opener. It works instantly on any trigger rule.

So I want a keypad where I can type "1234" and somehow that triggers on rule, but "5678" triggers a different Rule.

The only reason Hubitat wouldn't work is if my power is which case my garage door wouldnt work anyway.

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Not sure in RM, but I had an app I wrote that would do different things depending on what code was entered on an IRIS V2 keypad. So I know it's possible to detect the different codes.

I picked up an Iris V3 for this exact purpose. I haven't played too much with the individual code stuff yet, but i am able to control other devices when i disarm the keypad. One thing I'm fighting with on it is I can re-arm the device through RM, but then the keypad will do it's own thing and remain disarmed

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