Replacement for Fibaro FGR-222 (for roller blinds)

Just temporarily switch driver to 'Basic Z Wave Tool' and click save (it's not built in so you'll need to install as a user driver)

Then open a logs page in a separate tab and click 'Get Parameter Report' without specifying a single parameter number.

The live log will output all Parameter numbers with their associated size and values to the log. You can then just filter the Past Logs to that device and screenshot. When done, reselect the original driver and click save.

Thanks. I did that and the results were a little strange. The logs showed the same parameter lots of times (pics below). Is this normal?

Also, this morning, when I pressed the retractive wall switch to open the blind, it didn't respond and I had to power cycle the Shelly module in order for it to work again. Never had anything like this with the Fibaro FGR-222 module.

Here's a link to the device support page, with parameter info...

That's unusual. If I click the 'Get Parameter Report' with that driver on any of my devices, I see each available parameter listed once. Here's a report from one of my Qubino modules:

You only use this driver to look at or make alterations. Once complete you would select the previous driver again and click 'Save Device' to restore normal operation. You shouldn't click 'Save Preferences' or 'Configure' as that will resend the parameters in the preference pane (which, if you had made changes manually using the tool, would overwrite them again)

Edit: I can see some parameters listed more than once but not repeatedly like yours.

I did swap the driver back to the built in "Qubino Shutter Module" after using the basic tool. Didn't press save/configure either.

If it fails again, like it did with the retractive switch this morning, I'll check the error LEDs on the module, to work out what's caused it.

It could be so simple if it worked hey!

Actually yours is unusual. Most devices will respond back with Param #1 if you ask for an invalid parameter. It might even be called out in the spec that the device MUST respond with something, as is usually the case.

So yeah... all those param 1 is normal, you just have to pick out the useful ones. You can copy/paste it to a text file and delete all the garbage.

I thought if you don't specify a parameter, it outputs all parameters. I think that's what I read in the thread relating to the driver. That output was one of my Qubino shutter modules but all of my Fibaro devices do that (display all)

Yes, since the driver does not know what are valid params for the device it just loops through params 1 - 200 (or maybe 250). It asks the device what the value of each one is. Most devices will reply with param 1 if you ask for an invalid param.

Glad you got it working. I have 3 rollers with an original Qubino 240v modules on each. I had an issue that 2 were great - retractive switches (2 way + centre off) were fine. The other one calibrated the wrong way - still worked but not ideal. swapped the power wires over from module to blind and of course that worked and rotated my retractive switch module so all 100% OK now. My issue was due to the blind motor being on the alternate end of the blind compared to the 2 working ones which now of course makes perfect sense so just mentioning this here in case someone in future stumbles in the same scenario :slight_smile: I love my blinds + the control - looking forward to some sunny weather so I can have some fun watching them come down based on my paramerters :slight_smile: It's the small things in life!

The Shelly Qubino module isn't working perfectly yet. It randomly goes into an error mode and will not respond to any switch or habitat command until it is power cycled at the fuse/breaker. I have Somfy 40WT 240v motors that have worked flawlessly with Fibaro FGR-222 for years, so I dont think it's motor related. It is only because the fibaro modules dont report their status/position that I am trying something new. Im getting to the point where trying another module is probably my best bet. Glad I have been able to help others not make the same mistake though.

There won't be anything wrong with your motors, just how the module sees them. I had nos issues with FGR-222 but when updating them to the newer model (for the same reason as you - Z Wave +), the newer model wouldn't work and I had to use Qubino. Reading your posts I'm dreading a failure of a Qubino as I'd need to locate one second hand or potentially face issues with the newer Shelly version.