Replacement for Fibaro FGR-222 (for roller blinds)

Thanks for your reply. So the qubino driver does all the basics properly, inc calibration, open, close, part-open, polling etc?

Qubino now seems to be owned by Shelly. Do you think this the same as you have, bar the branding?…

Yes it does. Calibration was easy and I can send to any position. Position is reported when the blind comes to a stop. Polling is the hub requesting the position. It's not needed at at all with Z Wave plus as the device reports its position regardless of whether movement was initiated by command or by a hardwired switch.

Yes looks like Shelly took over Qubino and that is the newer Z Wave 800 version. The ones I have aren't available anymore on Amazon or Vesternet.

I am using the Fibaro FGR-233 (about 15 units for 4 years now) with no problems using the comunity driver.
But..... given the fact that Fibaro is more expensive and I generally do not like Fibaro's approach that does not offer firmware updates unless using their hub I would test the Shelly new product and if you find it good enough I would go with it.
You still need to make sure it has an HE driver for this product.
Good luck

Thanks for your replies. I’ll buy one of the Shelly Qubino modules and give it a try. Will report back with how it goes. :+1:t2:


@JasonJoel - I have used your FGR-222 Poller driver on an FGR-222 I have (before I roll out to all my others). It seems nearly work, except the Level parameter indicates 0-99, but the Position parameter doesn't change from 0 as the blind opens/closes. This seems to result in HomeKit integration always thinking it's a "0". Is there a tweak you can make to the code to match the Position and Level parameters? Of course, it's entirely possible I have missed a trick somewhere!

Zooz has a Z-Wave shades module as well. I have a custom driver for it to work with Hubitat.

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We don't get Zooz (or Inovelli or Lutron) in the UK unfortunately...I so wish I could have a house full of Caseta. I get sick of hearing about how good they are.

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One thing to note about the position parameter. Even on Z Wave Plus, the device reports its position on completion of movement. If you send a blind to 73 from 0 (fully closed) you'll get 'opening' then when it stops it will be 'partially open' and the position of 73 will be reported after it stops at that position. My Fibaro 223 (with community driver) reports its position continuously while in motion. I queried with Qubino as to why theirs did not do this and was told that 'continuous reporting of position by the device while in motion is deemed as the device sending unsolicited communication and is not allowed by the Z Wave standard'. That might explain why the community driver reported continuously as it didn't need to follow the standard.

@johnwill1 Thanks. I am somewhat reluctant to buy more Fibaro modules. That said, if the 223's with community driver works perfectly in HE, then it would be silly of me to ignore. I have about 10 222's, so it's a circa £500 cost mind you, plus electrician for a few hours. Hmm...

One of the first things I did when moving from SmartThings to Hubitat was to replace 5 Fibaro 222's. I was brand-new to home automation and simply didn't understand the important difference between Z Wave and Z Wave plus with regard to position/level reports. I couldn't use the 223's as calibration just would not complete - something to do with the limits on my motors. Without that completing they were hopeless as the uncalibrated position was always 255. For reasons unknown the Qubino just worked first time with no messing around. With that in mind if you're sticking with Fibaro, buy just one from Amazon and try it out. It's so much easier to return if it doesn't work perfectly.

It's always worth looking on eBay and I wouldn't be afraid of second hand. I have around 20 Fibaro Dimmer 2's and probably all but one or two are from eBay. However one issue with Fibaro is that you cannot update firmware (if needed) without Home Center. You would need to exclude a device from Hubitat, include it to Home Center, try to get it to flag a firmware update before excluding it and including it back to Hubitat; not ideal.

Thanks again. I have a HC2 and HC2 Lite, so updating isn't too much of a problem, but I agree it's better it can be done via HE. I'll order one of the shelly qubino wave shutter and see how that goes.

Hi all.
So, I installed a Shelly Qubino Wave Shutter, to replace a Fibaro FGR-222. I added it to Hubitat using the built in Qubino Shutter driver, which is for the previous generation device, but seemed to work ok. However, when the blind is opened/closed (via momentary switch or Hubitat UI) the switch does not click off when the blind reaches stops. the Fibaro module does it perfectly, so I think it's a setting/issue with the Shelly Qubino module rather than anything else. Any thoughts before I give up with this module and try the newer Fibaro FGR-223 instead?

Which switch doesn't click off? Did you successfully calibrate the module so that it knows the open and close positions?

I tried several times to calibrate the module, but it would only do the first calibration step, to close the blind fully. It would then just stay there, without the module relay 'clicking' and doing the next step of the calibration. The stops on my blind are all set correctly and work perfectly with the fibaro module, so I do think it's a Shelly Qubino module or driver issue rather than anything else. Admittedly, the driver I'm using is for the older pre-shelly module, when Qubino were a stand-alone company, so I can't to too surprised.

That's strange, it must be something to do with the characteristics of the connected load and its 'stops'. What you're describing is the exact same issue I had with the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 when connected to my curtain motors. Instead of going close - open - close, it would just close and stop; yet the Roller Shutter 2's had worked fine. My only reason for replacing the Roller Shutter 2's was that we have manual switches in use as well as HE control, so when operated from the switches the curtains position was not reported back to Hubitat and dashboards would display them in the wrong position (due to them not being Z Wave Plus)

It might be worth trying to alter some of the parameters in the Shelly before condemning it, or reaching out to them for support.

I believe it would be the following two parameters that may assist. I think the first is how much load the module needs to see, to believe it is moving and that can be affected by the limits on your blind:

I have been following this a little just due to my post above. Just wanted to chime in and say, if you all feel like its a driver issue or you need a driver with better/more settings options let me know. I might be able to adapt the ZEN53 driver to this device. Or I can take an existing custom driver and fix it up.

Thanks for your replies.

@johnwill1 I will try those parameter changes and report back.

@jtp10181 Thanks for offering to help. The existing Qubino driver seems ok, if the calibration would work that is! I'll try changes as @johnwill1 suggested. If that doesn't work, then tweaking a driver could be a plan :+1:


Hi all. Some good progress with this. I have managed to play about with parameters, and the module is now operating the roller blind correctly, including reporting. The module would not recognise both limit switches, so I had to set a max motor run time manually, to about 1 second more than the roller takes to open/shut. That then seemed to allow calibration to work.

Simple question, how to I pull a full parameter report off the module now? I will share the report on here, in case you can spot something silly I have done.

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Just temporarily switch driver to 'Basic Z Wave Tool' and click save (it's not built in so you'll need to install as a user driver)

Then open a logs page in a separate tab and click 'Get Parameter Report' without specifying a single parameter number.

The live log will output all Parameter numbers with their associated size and values to the log. You can then just filter the Past Logs to that device and screenshot. When done, reselect the original driver and click save.

Thanks. I did that and the results were a little strange. The logs showed the same parameter lots of times (pics below). Is this normal?

Also, this morning, when I pressed the retractive wall switch to open the blind, it didn't respond and I had to power cycle the Shelly module in order for it to work again. Never had anything like this with the Fibaro FGR-222 module.