Replacement C8 fixed Zigbee problems

I had many Zigbee problems after C5 -> C8 migration. I tried most of the recommended solutions. None worked. The end of my 30 day Amazon return window approached. I sent the C8 back and bought another one. Restoring my C8 setup on the new hardware solved all problems.

In effect, I did both a hard reset-restore and also changed the hardware. So I don't know whether it was the hard reset or the changed hardware that fixed all problems. My new setup has channel 20 and Zigbee power level 16 and works great. I never believed that lowering the power level made sense for a properly working system. I suspect that some people, including me, got Zigbee radio chips that are erratic or flawed in some small but essential way. But demonstrating that would require careful experiments, which I did not do.

For those with C8 problems, I particularly had difficulty with Hue Motion Sensor V2 (from Costco), Iris Motion sensor V3, and Iris Contact sensor. I have a very small and stable Zigbee network with two repeaters and six battery end devices. The various arguments about unstable Zigbee arrangements never made any sense for my setup.


Thanks for reporting this. Very helpful.

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