Replaced Go Control Z-Wave garage controllers with Zooz relay and 2 tilt sensors... best way to combine

Per the subject, I understand how to restore the functionality but, as with another recent discovery (button controllers), there's often a 'better' way to do things... hence the question.

I have 1 x Zooz Z-Wave relay controller with 2 garage doors hooked to it. Works perfectly. Each door (will have) has a Z-Wave tilt sensor attached to it. My goal is to to restore the inherent intelligence that was present when each door/controller was a unified door actuator+tilt sensor. Rule Machine is almost certainly more than capable of this with its (albeit possibly convoluted when I'm done) extensive logic... is there a different way to do this? No is a fine answer. :slight_smile:

Although you could do something easily in RM, this app and driver work well for me:

How to Use the ZEN16 MultiRelay as a Garage Door Opener on Hubitat - Zooz Support Center (

There is a similar article if you are using ZEN17.


.... aaaaaaaaand that's why I asked! Thanks so much; I'll give it a go. :+1:

I've had to use a pair of temp/virtual switches to simulate my not-yet-arrived tilt sensors but, other than the remaining unknown unknowns, the Zooz solution is sublime. It beautifully unifies and simulates the far more expensive smart garage door controllers + (fake for now) tilt sensors and presents it to the Echos equally well.

Thanks so much for pointer!

I LOVE this platform! Literally EVERYTIME I go looking for something, it's already there in-full or there's an elegant workaround. Hubitat ROCKS (except for the iPhone app which... doesn't). :slight_smile:


Hubivue ( or HD+ are the way to go.

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