Replace slave C-4 with C-7?

As detailed in this thread from last year, I've been running 2 hubs at my house since August last year. Newer C-7 hub is in the main house, connected to everything in the house, integrated with Lutron Caseta, and has all of the rules/logic.

My old C-4 hub has been in my detached shop. I have a couple of z-wave garage door openers, a thermostat, zigbee lock, a few motion sensors, and my pool equiment - which is two zigbee relay boards - paired and shared to Hub Mesh. I don't have any rules or anything running on the C-4...all of the "smarts" are on the C-7.

Both hubs are on a Orbi mesh network. The main C-7 hub is connected to the main Orbi router. The C-4 hub is connected to an Orbi satellite in the shop. I have good connection and speed status on the Orbi network, according to the Orbi app.

Occasionally, when I try to connect to the C-4 hub, I get timeout errors, and it will take 20-30 seconds to connect and successfully reload the UI page. The Hub Mesh also goes offline occasionally. Of the two zigbee relay boards I have paired to the C-4, one seems to work flawlessly, and one seems to miss commands maybe 10-20% of the time. There's also been once or twice where the hub has been completely unresponsive, to where I've had to unplug/plug it to reboot it.

So I guess to summarize...I'm trying to solve occasional slow or non-responsiveness (which I supposed could be due to the wireless mesh, but I have good dunno...), and occasional missed zigbee commands on one of two relay boards that sit within inches of each other.

First question - is there any difference in zigbee capability between C-4 and C-7 hubs?

Second - has anyone else seen slow or non-responsiveness out of the older C-4 hubs? I'm assuming whatever causes this is also what causes the Hub Mesh to go offline occasionally, but I don't have anything to back up a root cause or correlation between the two.

Anyway - just looking for opinions here...if I do pick up another C-7 I'd like to do it while it's on sale for Memorial Day right now. But also don't want to drop $100 to end up in the same position I'm in right now.

Believe zigbee is the same for both hubs. On the hub mesh are you running it over UDP or TCP; at least for me, the TCP seems to work better.

Good question - will check when I get home. I don't remember how it was set up.

Yes. The C4 databse doesn't handle tasks as well as C7.


You're a great salesman. Ordered another C-7 :rofl:. Thanks @bobbyD

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It's set to UDP. I'll switch to TCP to see if anything changes, although with the C-7 on the way it's kinda moot. But worth a shot for a couple days anyway :+1:

i used to get random crashes on my c4, i now have two c7s and never get any issues at all. i have installed the c4 at my in laws with a very basic setup and it still crashes.

my setup is now much more complex than it was when it was just a c4 as well, so yeah swap out the c4.

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@destructure00 Long time we don't chat together lol.

I purchased a c7 to do a migration test from c4 and still not working on it, but you already purchased a c7, my solution to slowness was installing the reboot app and rebooting the hubs weekly, I had no issues since they been rebooting. Anyway, maybe you can do that experiment migrating hubs:

Good luck