Replace sensor in multiple rules

Hi All,
Has anyone found a better way to update rules when replacing sensors ?
Im replacing a whole bunch of sonoff motion sensors with thirdreality ones due to better reliability and battery life AND it uses AAA batteries. But some of these motion sensors are tied to 2 or 3 rules in the rule machine. Is there a better way to update all rules which a sensor is tied to make it point to another sensor without going into each rule and updating it independently ?

Yes, it sounds like you're looking for this feature:

This is not a Rule-specific feature but a hub-level feature that will affect all apps, but I assume that's really what you're asking about.

If you do only want this specific apps (or if you're using child devices that aren't supported with this feature), there is still a slightly easier way than manual replacement: if you clone any app, including rules, you'll be offered the ability to replace any selected device with a different device in the clone. So, you can clone, swap whatever, then delete the original.


Thanks! didnt know that we had that feature within settings

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