Replace Hardwired LED Dimmer with Zwave

Hi everyone, I am working on a terrarium build with a custom LED panel which came with the below hard-wired dimmer for the led lights. I would like to replace with a zwave controllable dimmer. Any suggestions?

If you are really drawing 30A I have no suggestions. However if your load is actually a lot lower you should look at Zooz ZEN31

Thank you. I can check to see what the load actually is. I noticed that this Zooz does not have the same terminals as the In/Out in my picture, would it be directly compatible with my two-wire setup assuming the load is low enough?

My gut feeling is that the provided dimmer is really just a PWM (pulse width modulated) chopper. In other words turning it on/off really fast and the ratio of on/off times sets the level. This neither inherently good nor bad.

Not much else that I can say without understanding the details of the LED panel. The rated current and voltage are starters, but knowing whether there are current limiting resistors will also help to consider the types of LED drivers that would be appropriate (and subsequently the smart controls that may work).

I use this with hubitat. It works great but it 's Zigbee. I wanted Z-WAVE but nothing is available.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I am getting some further technical information on the actual load of the fixture.


I ended up getting a controller specifically made for my application, not zwave or anything but does allow me to program what i need. Thanks for the advice!