Replace device with same device?

is it possible to do this? i know you can replace with a NEW device. but i have learned if EXCLUDE the device it deletes it.

my garage door opener is not working and I need exclude/include to fix but is in about 10 rules and i really hate fixing them lol

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I think that you can replace a z-wave device with itself (I assume you are referring to the z-wave replace function)? And not the built-in "Swap Apps Device" function.

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but if i exclude the device it removes it, is there step i am missing ?

You should be able to do something like this:

  • Remove power from the garage door opener
  • Hit Refresh on the Garage Door Opener entry on the Z-Wave Details page until the Replace buton appears
  • Turn on the Garage door opener, reset it and put it in include mode
  • Hit the Replace button on Z-Wave Details page

Hub should find the opener and use it to replace itself. Should work...

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okay ill give this a try................. thank you much, any clue where i put my ladder? lol


Just to be clear, the exact step you're missing is just a factory reset of the Z-Wave device rather than an exclusion. This should erase its memory of the Z-Wave inclusion (there are apparently old GE switches where this doesn't, but that's the only such report I've seen; there may be others). The alternative is doing a general Z-Wave exclusion, which you can do with any hub/controller--just not the one it's currently paired to, or as you note, it will be removed from that hub.

An alternative is just to pair it like a brand new device (again, you'd need to reset it or exclude it somehow first), then use the Swap Apps Device feature to replace references to the old device with references to the new one. I've "historically" had better luck with this than the Z-Wave Replace feature, but either should get you the same outcome (I say "historically" in quotes because this feature is new, but Z-Wave Replace has been mixed for me in the past; others have reported better luck, and the recent radio firmware update can't hurt).

Not sure about your ladder, though. :smiley:


Nice thing about the Replace from Z-Wave Details page is it's one step and you're done... The add and replace are completed in a single step.

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I have had to use this with a few old GE Z-wave light switches lately. It works pretty well.

just wanted to follow up i could not get the replace to work, I added it as a new device and used the app move

Thank you all for the guidance

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Thanks for the folow-up, glad you got things sorted.

Bummer...been perfect for me recently. In the past I had a lot of problems w/it.

Good to have options. :slight_smile:

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