Replace Admin Not Working

Trying to replace admin not working.

I set up a new account with a new email address as instructed.

I then logged into my account (current email) on selected Hub Details, entered the new email address and clicked Replace Admin, and get the error User not found. What else needs to be done to get this to be accepted?

Tagging @support.

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Please send me a private message along with your MAC address of your hub so we can further investigate.

Thanks for the reply. However, I followed the steps to send a private message and there is no message button.

I'm afraid you have run into this issue:

NOTE: If the "Message" button is not available, it means that your community account has not met the minimum system requirements to pass the spam protection.

@bobbyD - can you increase @lkstreich's Trust level, so they can send PMs?

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Following up to my last message, you can also increase your community "Trust" level, by doing the following:

If you have recently joined our community, it is possible that you have not met the minimum system requirements for the spam protection. The minimum requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

  • browse 5 or more topics.
  • read at least 30 or more posts.
  • spend 10 or more minutes reading posts.

Please try again.


Im having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Tagging @support.

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We have determined that it was a timing issue between the account creation and the attempt to replace the admin. If you are getting the same " User not found" error, please send me a PM so we can further investigate.


@bobbyD Hi, I'm having the exact same issue ("User not found" error after attempting to switch my hub's admin account to a different one created 10 minutes prior). Posting a reply here as I never had a community account before and as I'm new it won't let me PM you. Any assistance is appreciated!

You can add yourself to the hub users group to enable PMs.

Please allow 24 hours after the account is created before attempting to replace the admin. If the issue persists, either send me a private message, or create a case by visiting below page (option: I cannot create an account)