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Here's my use case:
I have a temperature sensor in a freezer that's sending temperature every 5 minutes via Zigbee to Hubitat. What I am trying to do is generate an alert to my cell phone if temp goes above 32F degrees and stays there for over 10 minutes. Reason for the delay is to eliminate false positives that may come from someone opening the freezer or the heater/timer running.

So far I've looked at a Notifier app, and I see that does have a frequency setting, but in the notification app there is no way to add the condition of "if it stays above 32F for 10 minutes".

So what I'm using now is Rule-5.1 app. It lets me set the conditions described, but it sends the push notification once only. I'm trying to find a way to repeat that alert, without creating additional rules for "if it stays above 32F for 20 minutes", 30 minutes, etc.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

There is a repeat action in RM you could use

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Do you think it should repeat but isn't or are just looking for help setting up one that does? If the former, sharing your current rule may help others troubleshoot. If the latter, this post is old -- and there are a couple new features that make creating some of these easier -- but everything here should still work, with many examples for different kinds of automations:

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Sorry I should have been more clear. I cannot find a setting in the Rule Machine app to repeat the action. I've looked on every screen I could find and have not located it yet. I'll look at that post by bravenel and see if I can figure it out. Thanks!

If you aren't sure where to find an action, the docs have a "List of Actions" at the end that show the type/category each is listed under -- though all the repeat-related ones should be pretty easy to find since that's what the category itself is called:

All actions are added the same way via the menus (after clicking the icon to add an action), so this should be similar to how you created your existing actions -- just different actions you'll choose.

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Ah, I see. Thanks. I never would have expected the "repeat" to be an action of its own. Thanks for posting that document. That's the exact one I referred to before I posted on here.