Repeating 'lower volume' seems to fail


Any tips on this one? I'm trying to fade out the Sonos but it doesn't work, am I missing something obvious?


Does it lower it once on the device but not at all in HE? Or does nothing happen on either side? Try adding a "Refresh" after the lower volume. I had to do that with Google home. If it doesn't pick up the volume change then it won't lower it the next time.


Refresh doesn't seem to be an action of media player?


And the other questions I asked.......


It doesn't lower the volume at all but it does set the volume to 50 (which I do time delayed for the next time I walk in the shower and it turns on again)


Youre not going to get anything like a slow fade with this. You're going to have to have a delay between the volume settings. They are being sent so fast the device doesn't have a chance to respond so the settings are overwriting each other.


I'm confused. When you issue the "Lower Volume" command it sets the volume to 50%? Or does that get set somewhere else?

Try using the adjust level or set level commands instead. It looks like the volume is tied to the dimmer level in the driver. @mike.maxwell, can you confirm?


Sorry, I was saying that in another rule I set the volume to 50pc and it works, so I'm saying the device is controllable but perhaps lower volume doesn't work


Volume works down to 1. I have 5 different sonos players. You're sending the commands too quickly.


Ok, will add more delay...


My Sonos was slow to respond when it was connected to my WiFi. I added the boost to put it on it’s own network and it dramatically sped up the responsiveness.