Repeating HUE Rule Not Repeating

Hey HE Braintrust.

Another newb question here. Working on my first repeating rule, but it isn’t repeating. Sets the color, but never cycles. What did I biff?

Turn on logging, then click on "Run Actions" and screenshot the log output after a few minutes (and failed repeats).

Not much going on.

Did you tick all three options from the "Logging" dropdown?

I did, later. I “touched” the trigger, edited it, without changing anything. Now it says “repeating”on the child app. Although, still no love.

Right, so, if you hit "Done" or "Update", the rule resets. Since your trigger is sunset, then the actions won't run until the next event of sunset. If you want the rule to run regardless of the trigger, you can click on "run actions" and just close the tab out.

Tried that. Still just sitting there without changing. Even performed a soft reboot of the router. No change. The only thing I haven’t done yet is blow out the rule and start over. Logs correspond with kicking off the “run actions” again.

The logs show the first part going in, then it gets into the one minute wait, and then the rule is initialized (meaning "done" or "update" was clicked in the rule).

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