Repeated Zwave network fail

Hello community, I have had trouble with my hub from day one.. I was on SmartThings, reset all of my devices and moved over to Hubitat all was going well however I then had trouble adding devices and had ghosts

I removed the ghosts but the zwave network started to die and eventually all of my devices would not respond

Spoke to Hubitat who sent a replacement hub, and suggested I used a beta firmware. I went through the pain of removing and resetting my devices and adding them all in again things appeared to go well with no ghosts and all devices back on my network (other than my yale locks which refuse to be found even 6โ€ from the hub).

The problem I have now is the devices refuse to consistently switch on and off, if I do a repair 90% fail to respond. I am at a loss of what to do, I have emailed tech support Thursday last week who were limited help only suggesting the locks were failing to join on the bootstrap as they were in low power mode and try adding them to the network closer. Iโ€™ve had no subsequent replies. Looks like I will have to go back to my SmartThings hub as I canโ€™t think of what to do

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Forgot to add, I am using fibaro dimmer 2 lights that used to be turned on and off with a combination of fibaro motion sensors and multi 6 motion sensors. I have purchased a fibaro hub and updated all devices to the current version and updated my multi 6 sensors also

My zigbee devices perform fine

A whole Zwave network repair is usually not a good idea. Individual nodes might possibly need repair, especially for non-plus (older Zwave) devices.

Can you post screenshots of your Zwave details page? Maybe someone can spot something important.

Locks are sometimes tough, and a lot seems to be down to getting them factory reset properly and getting them excluded from former hubs. Usually then they will include. Often you do have to be quite close with most locks. But lets see if we can get the rest of the network stable first.

which hub, C-5 or C-7? if C-7, did you update the z-wave firmware?

are you using z-wave or z-wave+ devices?

are you adding the devices S0? S2?

Yes the firmware has been updated, I have the c7 with mostly zwave plus
The fibaro dimmers that are playing up are zwave plus and appear to be worst effected as i did do a little test with webcore where if there was motion the Alexa in the room said the room name

They add as s0 security but I donโ€™t know how to change that

The fibaro dimmer should work out if the box with Hubitat but they are performing strangely. I have the switch type set on all switches (all but 2 use roller blind switches for sun up and down) Two are momentary pull switches. For some reason I get variation with the effect of switches set to the same switch type with some working fine and some only switch off after what appears to be random repeated switch presses.