Repeated firmware update failure with Zooz zen-16

So trying to update my zen16 with the latest firmware (1.04) with the built in updater and it keeps failing. Here are the logs. Anybody have any input? It is currently on 1.02.

Which driver are you using for the ZEN16? The "firmwareUpgradable:false" from the FirmwareMdReport log entry seems to imply its reporting that its not upgradable, but thats not the case. I updated mine from 1.01 to 1.03.

Perhaps try You switch your ZEN16 to using it as a driver. See what it returns for if the device is saying its upgradable.

As a side note, is there a version 1,04? The history page only references up to 1.03.

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There's a 1.04 for the Zen 17... OP, is it possible that you mistakenly got that one instead?

I have found the C7 updater app and the driver both to work inconsistently at best. A fresh reboot of the hub and the device seems to give you the best odds. For this reason I just use a USB stick as a secondary controller for updates.

Others have reported having the device paired without security makes it work more reliably.

Also, I think if you switch the devices driver to "Device" you can see all the firmware update messages get spammed to the logs. Just helps to know if it gets stuck, when no more messages are going back and forth.

Yeah, maggie @ zooz sent me the 1.04 link


  1. When the hub sends binary_switch_get command to the endpoint that just reported ON using the binary switch report, then the ZEN16 replies with the opposite state causing the status to report incorrectly on the hub if the hub polls the ZEN16.

  2. If parameter 1 is set to value 1 (default) and relays are turned on from individual endpoints (rather than master) and power is cut off when the relays are on, then the relays turn back to OFF instead of on once power is restored.

Yeah, tried all that... Just ended up using the stick and it went right in...

Used the built in driver, but in the end I just used the stick....


I believe I used the stick to upgrade my ZEN16 as well. It was paired with ST at the time so I didn't have much choice. Glad you got it sorted!

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