Repeat Notifications

Hey guys,
What does "Stop repeat upon next event" function do?. I have a water sensor and I tested it with this function either on or off and didn't see any difference in getting notifications.

If you have a repeated notification set up for when your sensor reports wet, this should stop that notification (the repeat) on, at least, a subsequent "dry" event. I suppose it would probably stop if a subsequent "wet" event is received, too, but most drivers won't do that (not a state change) and I suppose the outcome wouldn't necessarily be different since that would just start your notification over again if it remains that way for the specified amount of time, but in any case, I don't know the precise implenentation details on that.

I think you are right. The subsequent "dry" event did stop the repeated notifications. However, when the next "wet" event occurred, they started coming again until the next "dry" event.

That sounds like expected behavior to me. You shouldn't get two "wet" events in a row (most drivers won't consider that an event unless there is a state change--e.g., wet to dry or vice versa), and "dry" is an event that should stop the repeat. The goal with this function is to help people who want to repeat notifications as long as whatever started the notification is still the case and stop it when that changes, a common feature request before this was introduced.

There weren’t two “wet” events in a row: first, I placed the sensor in water and then withdrew it which was a “dry” event. My notifications were set to repeat three times every 15 min. But I got only one notification right upon wetting the sensor. The setting “stop repeat upon next event” was enabled so only one notification was expected. Then I wetted the sensor again and got a wet notification again.
When I disable the setting, I get three notification every 15 min.