Repeat n times missing?


Seems like the "Repeat n times" option has been removed? I have a couple rules that used this. UI shows it, but it seems like the option is now missing @bravenel ?

UI shows how I had it set up to repeat 5 times

When I go into the repeat section, this is all I see now:

Settings still show repeatNTrue populated


A UI glitch. Will track it down. There was complete overhaul of actions UI, so as to always show current device names. This just fell in a crack.


Thanks for the post, I'm new to Hubitat and have been tying to work out how to repeat n times. Will the fix be in the next release?


Yes, it will be in the next release. Should be out early next week.


Ooooh... You gave a release date. You're gonna be in TROUBLE.... :wink:


Has this come out again yet? Can't see it :confused:


It's there. You have to fill in a value in one of the Repeat sections first, then you'll see the field open up for "Repeat n times".



Thanks Chris for showing this. I had totally missed it. Regards