Repeat Actions in Tesla Charge Warning Rule

So I made this rule to remind my wife to charge her car if it needs.
New Addition to rule: I wanted to repeat the TESLA switch "On" portion IF the car has not been plugged in and it meets the required expression.

I added this portion tonight but it seems like double duty when the Wait for Expression is right after the End-Repeat.


I have a similar, but much simpler notification rule for if my cars are not plugged in at a certain time. Your rule seems over complicated, and I'm not sure why you're doing a few things, but maybe I'm missing the point of what you're trying to do.

What does turning on the virtual switch do? Is the switch set for auto-off? I'm assuming yes, since you are turning it on repeatedly but never turning it off.

It seems like the While could just use the disconnected state. Is there any way the <15% criteria can change before the disconnected state changes? It seems like this will always exit due to being connected.

In other words, the car is under 15% and disconnected. As soon as it is plugged in, it is less than 15% but no longer disconnected. The While will exit due to the connection

If the car starts to charge as soon as it is plugged in, then the Wait for expression will immediately be satisfied by the 'charging' status, so including 'complete' seems pointless.

If the car is set for a scheduled charge and will not charge right away when plugged in, the light will stay red until the charge begins. Is that the intent?

Finally, why set the light to soft white then immediately to red, only to restore it later? Why not just set it to red at the top and then set it to soft white at the end in place of the restore?

Here’s what I setup. Since Tesla recommends that their vehicles always be plugged-in, the notification comes up shortly after arrival.

ITs funny how there is so many ways to accomplish the same thing, sort of. lol

I love to see others RM rules... Wish there was a good set up for us to SHARE out rules and let the end-user import and replace the device with their own.

Maybe the next best thing would be to have an open dialogue subject with shared rules for others.. no sure..

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The Tesla Switch is a VS that triggers Alexa audible message. IT is set for Auto-off.

I agree on the "complete" being point-less. I was making sure the rule works as intended before making alterations. I believe I will remove that portion.
Funny thing, Wife has hard time remembering to charge the car but since I made this rule, she seems to always remember right now. I feel like she is making sure so I can not test properly. LOL

On the mantle Hue color selection, I agree, I will make that adjustment as well. I was just trying to make sure it was not hung on red.

My rule just fires a single notification. Here it how I set it up in case it gives you any ideas for your rule:

Required expression: PowerSource of car not "mains" (taking my car info from this app: [BETA] Tesla Vehicle via TeslaMate MQTT). It is set for 'cancel pending actions if required expression becomes false' so it cancels when the car is plugged in.

Trigger: When car arrives home and stays that way for 30 minutes
.. (the app has a presence sensor attribute that 'arrives' when the car enters the 'Home' geofence)

I don't want to send a notification until evening, since we don't charge during the day and the car will often come and go multiple times during the day, so:

IF time between 00:00 and 20:00 then
.. wait for event: time is 20:00
IF car is present then
.. Send notification

The result is that 30 minutes after the car arrives home, the rule queues up to notify me at 8pm. If it is already 7:30 pm or later, the rule will fire as soon as the 30 minutes has elapsed. If the car gets plugged in or departs, the notification won't fire.

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