REOLink NVR Image Links - Adding ReoLink images to a Dashboard

This is for documentation.

If you have a REOLink NVR you can update your firmware to this version or later and pull static JPGs from your cameras. They can be displayed as an image on the Dashboard.

To get the image you should create a non-admin user on the NVR and use a URL similar to this one:


The channel number starts with 0 - so Channel 1 on the NVR is channel=0 in the URL.

Here is the proof!


You can also configure Motioneye to read the RTSP streams from the Reolink NVR and then have live tiles too if that's what you'd prefer. I even use that same stream on my Google home hub too.

Looking at network traffic in the browser inspector when using the NVR web gui, i've worked out how to enable and disable motion detection using Rule Machine. It does need NVR admin creds to work

So then in turn i've not got the arming and disarming of motion for my reolink system linked to Hubitat security monitor and state modes. As well as being able to link to Alexa and siri via apple shortcuts and a hubitat cloud end point trigger


How did you configure live tiles from reolink feed?
I am wondering if its possible have the most recent motion triggered capture video or snap show in the tile.

The reolink NVR can send you an email of either the video or the picture, wanted to show it on dashboard tile instead.

Any thought ?

Which browser are you using to monitor the traffic? I have a post on the issue I am having with tiles and the new doorbell camera from Reolink.