Reolink doorbell cam as door alarm

My reolink doorbell camera is working splendidly on hubitat.
Now I would like to be able to trigger the chime when someone approaches the door before they ring the bell.
Has anyone worked on this?

"working splendidly"? I would be interested to know what level of integration you have achieved with Hubitat and how you did it.
The chime uses some sort of Reolink-specific RF protocol (my way of saying that I don't know how it works)
In my case the chime was a non-starter as the doorbell is just too far from the house so I use Scrypted and virtual devices on Hubitat to get a voice announcement when someone pushes the button or when someone approaches the gate. see Reolink Doorbell - receiving Visitor events in Hubitat


Hi Richard. I have several posts documenting my frustrations and ultimate success with the reolink doorbell camera. They are all here on the forum. I do use the chime as the doorbell is only about 20 feet from the chime and the pair work quite well. The chime and doorbell communicate on 433 Mhz not wifi so one could probably use a 433Mhz repeater module to extend the range if that is practical. I have an upcoming project for a camera at my gate which is over 300 feet away from the house. It will be with a RLC410 camera though.
My integration so far with the doorbell is only to be able to display the video on my wall mount tablets throughout the house plus my Toshiba fire tv in the kitchen.
I have additional integrations in store for the doorbell but it is haying season here in Texas and that takes priority over electronic projects. These will have to wait until later in the fall. I do want to setup my Toshiba so it will go full screen video when the doorbell is pressed. I'm thinking about adding a chime audio to my wall tablets as well.
I have a second doorbell camera that is destined for the front door. The issue with it is how to hide the cable going to the camera.
All of my reolink cameras (I have 11 of them now) are POE. I much prefer these to wifi.
I also have a couple of Echo show devices. I have the video appearing on those as well for the doorbell camera. I have the two way voice to integrate with them on my radar.
I have seen your Visitor events posting but I haven't gone through the actual implementation yet. I think it might come in very handy when I do my front gate implementation.
I have also found Reolink support to be quite helpful although you have to beat them up a little bit to get a fix sometimes.