Renogy ZigBee Line

Looks very familiar (except for the price tag). :thinking:
Renogy Zigbee Door & Window Sensor
$29.99CDN CAD $35.99

Part of an all-in-one energy monitoring and off-grid smart living center.
Providing advanced system monitoring

Renogy ONE M1

This smart control panel connects to all your compatible energy devices via Bluetooth/RS485/RV-C, offering real-time data on its 4″ HD touchscreen. Track your system performance from anywhere with the DC Home app on your smartphone. Eliminate the hassle of tangled cables and multiple monitors.

  • 24/7 energy visualization
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Error notifications & troubleshooting
  • Intuitive one-touch controls
  • Historic energy data tracking (up to 200 days)
  • Off-grid living assistant

Looks nice!

There are similar touch-screen control panels by Sonoff and Tuya , but this seems another model.

These are 4 bux each and work beautifully. Also do temp!

ecolink or visonic?

xfinity x2ue's. Fantastic! Batteries last about a year (I have 36 of them)

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Ugh, at one point I've had like 25 of them. I'm down to 2 now. They refuse to ever work again after changing batteries. Though to be fair I've had a lot of Sonoff devices do the same.

Sometimes they need re paired, or when you insert the new battery tap the tamper switch a time or two. (I only had to do that with 2 of them) They've been solid for me.

I've literally spent dozens of hours on them, they're all long gone. I really wish it would have occurred to me to try to pair them too my home assistant coordinator.

Does the battery reporting seem accurate? I've got a couple of these in use, but all still reporting 100% battery. I thought I had one drop off last week, but the battery was totally flat despite still registering 100% at last reading. Maybe just a fluke or bum battery that quickly failed.

Ugg, CR 2450's I think. I'm not crazy about those batteries. I love my sylvania/Iris with CR2 batteries and visonic with CR2032

Meh, they're cheap and last a year.... I can't argue too much., They're a great contact sensor

Yep, same with mine - always say 100%. I just use Device Activity Check to keep an eye on all of mine since the battery reporting is wacked.

Because they use Lithium ion batteries... they'll show 100% till they don't

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I use lithium batts exclusively for all of my batt stuff and while the lithium drop is always steep, it's not full-on 100 -> 0 with any other devices so I think it's an issue with how these report %.

But I consider it a minor quibble given the price and overall performance -- I'm definitely still a fan.

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Holy crap, I never thought of this. This explains a lot of my confusion regarding battery devices. Thanks

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That's why a lot of us use Device Activity Check... The only one I don't really use lithium ion on is my door locks... But if anything drops (even sharply) below 15% it notifies me...

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