Rename Commands on Devices


Would it be possible to rename the On/Off function on my Zooz Switch to Open/Close? The reason being that I am planning to use this switch to control my blinds and I would prefer it to be displayed as "Open/Close" on Homekit and other platforms instead of having to use or see the On/Off function.

Thank you very much for any help/suggestions in this matter. Here is a picture of what I would like to change.

No, this isn't possible. However, you could create a virtual shade device, and use a rule to send on/off to the real device when open/close is sent to the virtual device.


Neat idea, I will have to give it a try. Thank you a ton!

I wrote a virtual Switch driver that gives Arrived and Departed connected to the On Off state. It could be taken further to have an Open / Closed state in addition - might be useful for the community. Is On state open or closed?


In my case ON equal to OPEN, i.e. more light in the room when on/open.

Same as in my case.

This might do the trick ...

I'm waiting for HPM to pick it up for testing.


What to search for in HPM?
I will test this driver when it will be ready from HPM.

use "virtual presence contact" with the double quotes should take you right to it.

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OK, I installed your driver for one of my curtain control virtual switch.
It works but presented as a Switch or Contact.
The expectation is/was Curtains or Shades or Blinds (better all of these).
Is it possible to update/modify the driver?


Well - I was expecting you to say 'nice work, thanks'. Here's the thing -

Capabilities can be stuffed into drivers without much effort - what your asking is a 6 state device (lookup WindowShade) and you'll see that a blind can be '"opening", "partially open", "closed", "open", "closing", "unknown") You asked for a switch tied together, so thats a 2 state device - open or closed. On or Off. there there is blinds 'direction' (is it opening or closing?) and how far it moved being stopped (40% open? 60%) and finally, Tilt can be brought into play.

Device capabilities can be ignored, we could write a driver that only has opened and closed and not read out of the device.state and call it whatever we'd like. but then the driver becomes specialized for the few, not the many. Not sure thats a good idea.
I did this in about 2 hrs total time (including the hard part, getting it into GIt and HPM). I think I'll step away from this. Sorry!

Sure, nice work and thanks.

The OP asked how to rename 2 states switch device from on/off to open/close.
Bruce suggested to use virtual shades instead of virtual switch and to create
correspondent rules for mopping. Yours driver can do this without creating
extra devices and rules. Sure, this is much better solution just for renaming
states. So, I myself and I am sure the OP as well will be happy with virtual switch
with open/close states names. I asked for curtains (or shades or blinds) instead
of contact only for better presentation on a dash board.
My use case for all these cutains/shades/blinds only open or close.

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I get what you want - I do. My trouble lies in the life expectancy of the driver. Once I build it - sure as the day is long a month from now I'll get the 'It doesn't show me 'opening or closing'. It's not a big deal to change to use of device state to a variable - but it would cause confusion down the road -
Maybe you could delve into modding a driver yourself to make it work they way you want?
I have about 15 custom drivers I don't share, they do the jobs I want but not worth sharing. My greatest triumph was my battery monitor that tracks the model of battery, last change etc. and app I built for my phone through the google devs platform. But knowing how many people fight with batteries, I don't wanna be 'that guy' :). I appreciate your thanks!

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I will try.
Thank you.

Thanks everyone! I will try all of your solutions. I do however think the Virtual switch is a great and simple idea. I didn't know that existed.

Added new feature - the ability to set a default startup state. Had a need to create the contact to start as 'open' for a device and as 'closed' for another.

v.1.1.5 now up on HPM.