Removing Zigbee Devices

I understand with ZW when you "exclude" a device it takes the device out of your ZW network and (if removed from the hub or another device joined to the same ZW network) from the hub as well.

What about Zigbee? I have 5 new bulbs I want to replace 5 existing bulbs. Eventually they will have the same name and be in the same groups and apps as the original.

I realize I can "remove" them from HE (which will remove them from groups and apps) but what about the network - will they still always be part of the Zigbee network in my house? What if I want to give them away (or sell them)? Is there some "factory reset" for Hue bulbs?

No. Just use whatever reset procedure the zigbee device’s user manual calls for, and it will pair with a new hub.

Generally speaking, Zigbee devices "remember" the ID of the coordinator they are joined to. A reset of the device removes that, and for many devices that is the same procedure you use to pair/re-pair them. They can be deleted from the hub database (by you--or you telling the hub, rather) before, after, or during that, but unlike Z-Wave, it's not a formal process where the device gets excluded and lets the hub know (and is generally ready to join another network). That's part of why the Zigbee and Z-Wave removal processes look a bit different (Zigbee just does it, while Z-Wave waits to hear from the device and offers to force-remove it if not, which does just delete it from the database). Fun side note: Zigbee devices have a factory-set MAC, and if you leave it in the hub database but reset the device, Hubitat will match them up (the "short" DNI will change but it will remain in all automations, etc.--useful if you often move devices betwen hubs; Z-Wave, on the other hand, will assign it a new Node ID--the only identifie it jses--and Hubitat doesn't have a way to "replace" one with another).

However, Hue bulbs are a different story. Philips really intended them only to be used with their Bridge, which does provide a reset option. But since you're using them on Hubitat, that is not available. (Some bulbs do have such a procedure, e.g., flipping on and off so many times.) The discontinued Lutron Connected Bulb remote is one device you can use to reset these. I just read about a similar procedure you can apparently do with a Hue Dimmer, though I've never read about it here or on the ST forums: HOWTO: Factory reset a Hue bulb · mozilla-iot/wiki Wiki · GitHub

If you're lucky, they'll be on a channel ZLL uses (fewer available than ZHA) and Hue might be able to steal it away with Touchlink (need a third-party software) with no need for,the above, but I'm not sure.


With my Osram lamps when you remove them from the network it "seems" to factory reset them anyway. They turn on as if they have been down powered and re powered and they will join a new network straight away ( if you wait for a bit they will need to be turn off and on again if you want to join them but no full reset need)

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Funny, the one I have just likes to do that on its own even if I don't remove it. :laughing: (Even without this issue, I'd never get another until they fulfill their promise of Zigbee 3.0 support or allow us to use the ZLL firmware again.)

If your device is connected to the hub and your remove it, the device is free to join any hub after that. You don't have to do a factory reset of the device if it's Zigbee.

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I used to have that issue so brought the lightify hub to update firmware and that fixed it.

I wouldn't expect this to fix anything...

I didn't mean on Hubitat. I was just thinking (with--or would it even work without?--the corresponding Hue update), it should again be possible to pair them to a Hue ZLL network.