Removing Lutron devices, manual step required

in case it's related. I'm using Lutron picos,

If I remove a pico from the Lutron app it still shows in button controller. If I rename a pico in the Lutron app the old name is still used and the new name does not show up in button controller.

To get rid of an old pico I had kill both apps and do a complete new install and config.

It's not related at all.

If you removed the device from the Lutron Integration app, that does not remove the virtual device that was created before. You have to manually remove that device yourself. Did you do that?

This bug has been tracked down and fixed, and will be in the next release.


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Aah, I was just bouncing between apps, button controller and Lutron. I never looked in devices, didn't even notice them in there until now. :flushed: