Removing Failed Z-wave Device

I have a very old z-wave (GE/JASCO ZW4001) paddle switch in my basement that no longer communicates with my hub. I can't turn it on/off from the hub, but the paddle switch physically works. It is a 3-way configuration with a GE add-on switch.

I am trying to remove it from the hub and replace it with a new Zooz Zen76. I forced removed it from my devices (as it would not exclude), but it still shows up on the z-wave details page. I have tried hitting remove, but it is still there.

I have the new Zooz Zen76 installed in it's place. Any suggestions?

What do "Logs" say when you try the "Remove"?

Two things that might help without knowing that: try a "Refresh," wait at least a few seconds (including for the page to reload), then try again; or just wait a day or two and try again, as time and patience are often helpful with the mysteries of Z-Wave.

How about the good ole graceful shutdown and power cycle?

I am new to hubitat (~a month). Previously from Vera, so still lots to learn. Below is from my logs:

I have tried shutting down and pulling power several times.

Try doing the standard exclude process on it. It clearly is communicating with the hub (or at least the hub can see it). If the exclude doesn't work then disconnect power to the switch, power cycle the hub (shutdown, disconnect power for 5 mins, power back up). Try to remove. if it still won't, wait 24 hours with the switch power disconnected.

I tried the exclude process yesterday and it seemed to indicate that the exclusion executed, but it still appears on the z-wave details even after hub shutdowns, hub power disconnects and hitting the remove button. The old zwave switch is completely disconnected, I will give it a day or two and try again. Thanks.

If it still won't after that you'll need a z-wave stick