Removing Ethernet cable stops WiFi access to Hubitat

I've been troubleshooting this for a week now and need a hand. I'm trying to setup my Hubitat for a WiFi connection via the mid range TP link dongle and the suggested OTG+power cable. I've been through the setup of the WiFi drivers and connection to the network. It all works until I pull the ethernet cable out and I imediately lose access to the device.

WTF. Any ideas?

Yes, it doesn't automatically switch. After you get everything set up, shutdown the hub from the settings menu. unplug power at the wall (not the hub). Unplug your ethernet cable (insuring the wifi dongle is plugged in) Then power up the hub. Should be fine. You will have to do a and then reserve the mac addr in dhcp as the previous IP address you were using.


Thank you for the step by step solution. Seems a bit mental to need to go to that much fuss on what I presume is just a Linux based device. I'm guessing I won't have to do this again if the power goes out or whatnot?

Not unless you leave the network cable plugged in. (That will always take precedence over the wifi if a fight breaks out between to live adapters. Don't forget your DHCP reservation to make things easier.