Removed and reinstalled Amazon Echo skill - no longer works at all

I was having issues with my echo skill getting information from the hubitat (the amazon service was not getting info when my garage door contacts would go on or off but everything else oddly was working).

I deleted the amazon echo skill on the hub, rebooted it, removed the hubitat skill in my primary amazon account. I then re-enabled and re-linked the skill. IT WORKED, fixed the problem. An hour later without touching anything, the Echo skill has completely lost its connection between amazon and the hub. This is what I get in the logs every time I try to command alexa to turn anything on or off:

Received cloud request for App 1 that does not exist, path: /device/558 from

That IP is amazon AWS.

Can someone help me out here? I already tried to delete the echo app and unlink the skill and re-install numerous times without a fix. I had no problems for years before this and did not change anything else.

Edit: If I try to disable and then re-enable the echo skill through the amazon app everything appears to work normally there, but my logs show this at that same time:

[app:1565](http://redacted/logs#)2022-11-27 04:28:00.640 PM[error](http:/redacted/logs#)Error making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"c0bb5502-7ccd-4db1-a645-610f015df25f"},"payload":{"code":"INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXCEPTION","description":"Access token is not valid."}}

Update: Verified connection to hubitat endpoint server is fine, I can connect to cloud dashboard with wifi off. The hubitat amazon echo app gets installed every time I disable and then re-enable the app on amazons side (if I delete the app on the hubitat first of course).

Next Update: I got mad. So I deleted the skill and enabled / disabled the hubitat skill dozens and dozens of times. On attempt number who-the-F-knows everything started working again. I imagine this is an amazon issue and not a hubitat issue. I really REALLY want to get rid of all of these echo devices but I enjoy the voice control. Anyone have any suggestions?

I am switching from Echo (5 of them) to Homepod Mini's. Far better sound (which is my main use), better for the Homekit integration, and TTS coming soon.. Siri can control hubitat like alexa and google.

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