Remove Z-Wave repeaters before going full C-8?

I have about four Aeotec Z-Wave repeaters stationed at intervals from my C-7 hub. One of my reasons for upgrading to C-8 is to get more Z-Wave devices connecting directly to the hub - I'm looking at you, iBlinds!

Should I remove my repeaters?

Should I remove (just unplug) them before my final cloud backup?

Should I do a formal, Z-Wave remove before my final backup?

Should I do my final backup and then unplug them before starting up the C-8?

Should I just ignore the whole issue and follow the instructions to go C-8 and see if everything just works before I create new problems that don't exist? As I type this that seems like the right answer.



Definitely not!


No, always keep Z-Wave devices online, even if your are just using them seasonally, but more so during and after migration.


Here is the latest document you want to check out before you start: How to Migrate to a New Hub | Hubitat Documentation


I think just do the migration and then see if the repeaters are being used anymore. If most of your devices go to direct connections, you could probably exclude and remove the repeaters later. If you end up with any problem spots you can always add one back again.


Data point. As far as i cant tell, Zero of my 4 repeaters are doing anything other than sucking milliamps, and taking socket space. Thats with 2 C8s and 1 C4 with active Zwave meshes.


Migrated without issue.

My Z-Wave Topology is a big red square with a diagonal white line!

Give it a few days, the routes get cleared so it can rebuild with the new radio.

There is a discussion on the Inovelli site about their soon to be released 2 in 1 Z-Wave 800 series switch. There was a question as to whether the 800 series protocol is active in the C-8 or only has the potential, but wasn't yet implemented. I thought it was up and running and could work with 800 devices to take advantage of Long Range (star without mesh capabilities), etc., but I didn't want to answer out of turn. If someone who is knowledgeable about such things could answer it would be appreciated and if so, may get Inovelli people to upgrade to the C-8 to go along with the Inovelli 800 series switches. Here is a link to that thread:

I based my response in the Inovelli community there on this post by Bruce 5 days ago...

That's interesting. I understand they want to get the C-8 out as soon as possible, and with the antennas lots/most of us will hopefully see real improvements in how many devices do connect directly, even 500 - 700 series. With the release of the Inovelli Z-Wave 2 in 1, on the very near horizon with its 800 chip, I hope it gets implemented soon. (Inovelli says production has started and it is now just getting a bunch built so they can have them shipped from overseas and through customs before we can get them in our hot little hands. They are expecting a May release.)

FWIW, I migrated to C8. I have Aeotec 7 repeaters. They were causing alot of mess. and I removed them. Now almost every device out of 48 is directly connected to the new C8 with 100kbps. I have never seen that before. The few that were 9.6kbps are now 40. Everything seems about twice as fast to actuate. Initially I was worried that some of the outer edge battery door sensors would eat batteries, specifically Aeotec Recessed 7s. THey in the past suffered from fast drain. They were starting to deplete fast, after a few days they now route through close switch. At first they were direct to hub.

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