Remove "ghost" ZWave devices

I did some searching about removing ghost ZWave devices, I turned off power to my whole house (the hubitat is on a UPS) and I was able to remove a few devices. There's still a few lingering ones, particularly the "Master bath lights" device seems to have a lot of latency issues, and also noted 32 route changes. This device was also setup with SmartStart and not sure if that's related but this is triggered by a motion sensor and has patchy behavior.

When I remove each of these I get the similar error "Failed node 27 remove status: 0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list"

I'm wondering if there's anything else I can try, would repairing one of the other devices allow me to delete these ghosts? I'm guessing it might be related to Study light or Master bath lights since those are in close proximity to the failed devices.

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

Are you trying to remove all Zwave devices and start over? If yes you can reset the Zwave radio to remove all devices.

Ideally just remove those 3 "ghost" devices

post removed - realized my suggestion was already attempted by OP

33, 38, and 39 should all be removable via the Hubs built-in ghost removal tools. Basically the "Refresh" and "Remove" options on the Z-Wave details page.


Hopefully, you will be able to remove the ghosts using the hub only. However, if that does not work, you can purchase a Z-wave USB stick that can be used with the free Silabs Simplicity Studio software to remove stubborn ghosts if it becomes necessary.

I have a Zooz Z-wave 700 stick, but you can now get an 800 series stick.

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That should not be needed at all, unless the nodes you want to remove are live with active devices attached to them. Otherwise shutting down other devices that are attached to other node IDs should not make any difference when trying to remove a dead node.

Unpairing the neighbor nodes and then removing worked! Didn't have success with anything else