Remove Button Controller?

Seeing as button controller is totally integrated into Rule Machine 4.0 should we be removing the button controller app? If not, I guess we will have to be careful not to duplicate button functions.

The button app is 100% better than RM4.0 for buttons. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

The button Controller in RM is exactly the same as the button controller app except it also allows you all the of the RM 4 features. Just be sure to select Button Device and not Button in the triggers list.

You don't have to remove your BC apps. It's not like they will remove the app from the platform now that it's out there. I would only recreate those that you want additional functionality with. For example, conditional actions, which are not available in BC are available in RM 4.0.

I'm either going crazy or blind. I went into RM 4.0 to look at this new button device option and all I saw was Button and Button LED. Now after looking a third time, there it is right between Button and Button LED. It either was hiding from me or I well I don't know how I kept missing it. Forget my recommendation above. RM 4.0 should work as well as or better them Button 3.0.