Remotec ZTS-500US thermostat driver

I have on of these coming tomorrow. I'm sure this will probably work with the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver. But...

Does anyone have a custom driver for this? Thought I would ask before I make one, as I will need access to a few parameters in it that I'm sure are not in the generic driver - like sensor calibration/adjustment.


Just FYI - I received the ZTS-500US today. I'll start fiddling with it today, or tomorrow, if there are any questions.


Not surprisingly, this thermostat was detected as 'device'. I changed it to generic zwave thermostat, and it seems to be working.

This one should get its its own driver at some point, though, as you can not reset the filter change messages except via zwave. Can do with the basic zwave tool for now.

Pairing info:
Manufacturer: 5254
Product Name: Device
Model Number: Unknown Part Number
deviceTypeId: 19


Hello Mike

Did you add this thermostat to the generic driver?

I know Jason has a custom driver, just asking.


No, pretty much won't dink with thermostats unless I have the device in hand, too many moving parts, so not willing to punt these as we can do with simpler devices.

Ok thanks

I should have sent you one of the 4 I ripped off my wall and threw in the trash... Oh well.

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Why did you throw them out? Lots of us Nest folks are looking for alternatives and this one is popping up. But the online reviews are mixed...

They are shit. Strong "do not buy" recommendation.

Build quality sucks, up/down controls get stuck on occasion for example. I had to modify all 4 of mine with rubber spacers to keep it from ramping my temp down to minimum randomly / every time I touched it.

It does not have minimum runtime settings. I caught the thermostat turning my hvac compressor on/off 16 times in 10 minutes. Very bad for the equipment.

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